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Sunday, 12 August 2012

A busy couple of days

It's certainly been a busy weekend and still the Olympic closing ceremony to go...which I think I'll enjoy in parts rather than the whole from the sound of things. This post may well continue after the ceremony has finished, in which case I'll let you know what I thought!
Firstly, to prove that I have actually been doing some crafting work, here is a photo, as promised, of a couple of the new samples I've made using Tim's dies and the Big Shot. I'm also using Andy Skinner's Christmas stamps so have incorporated some of them on the right hand card. I love the prancing reindeer, though the way I've positioned the two on one card makes me wonder what the standing one is saying to the one flying over his head - and not a vaulting pole in sight!I created the background by masking off the bottom of the card using torn paper and then stamping the tree three times with the bottom either less or more on the mask to give varying heights - Andy's tree is so well designed that it looks perfectly natural however much you chop off the bottom. Distress inks of course for the sky and then I lightly pencilled round the inside of a roll of tape for my circle before filling it in with a brush and water and dabbing off to give a rather dramatic full moon.The left hand card is created using the negative of the prancy deer and using Distress inks through it onto watercolour paper. It looked very boring though, so I spritzed some water over it and then heat set it once I was happy with the amount of blurring. It does give a rather nice wispy, fantasy look to the image though you may have to enlarge the picture to see the effect properly. I'll have both of these cards, plus lots more of course, when I'm at The Paper Warehouse in Kendal next Saturday 18th so if you're coming along do say hello and take a peek.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of my friend Paul's company as he came to visit me for the day. We had a wander, a bite or two to eat and a lot of conversation which was just what the Doctor ordered. Paul brought a couple of his journals to show me - you can see some of his drawings, sketches and journal pages on his blog where you'll see that he's been dipping into an EDM challenge (Every Day Matters) that has been a good starting point for inspiration. You can also find the link on Paul's blog. I think I may just join in on an occasional basis...it would be quite good to be able to share some drawings rather than keeping them top secret as I normally do! Speaking of which, I am working on new designs so there is more work going on than it may look like reading my posts!
So, after the lovely sociable Saturday, today began with my trip to Church where another Christening was part of the weekly service. Really enjoyable and the Vicar is a dab hand at pouring lots of water over babies heads without making them cry. He can't resist picking them up to introduce them to the entire congregation - very sweet really!
After a brunch in the village cafe I had a brisk walk home and got changed into my outdoor, tatty clothes to get cracking on that darned wall. I'd had to buy two more bags of concrete as I ran out due to that well meaning neighbour...ggrr! It's turned into a pain of a job as the bricks were splitting and the jumble of rubble refused to make any kind of anything that looked half like a wall. Still, I persevered, chopped some bricks into the right odd sizes and managed to rebuild (in a fashion!) a couple of feet using the last of the first bag of concrete just as it started to rain. As you can see, I had to do a quick cover up job....
...looks like a proper building site!
I came in and did some more drawing and took a few photos and then the sun came bursting forth again, so out I went to carry on rebuilding. Unfortunately, I still don't have enough concrete - it doesn't go far I must say! So, I have done as much as I can and, although I can just picture David's expression and hear him saying "you're doing it all wrong!", I'm pretty chuffed at how it's going. I will post a photo when it's done, but let's just say that I don't think I'll be taking up bricklaying on a professional basis anytime soon! The whole thing will probably collapse the minute Thomas walks along it!
The last treat of the day came as I was just putting my tools away and heard an almighty roar in the sky. I'd forgotten that the Red Arrows were flying over Blackpool today so I had a grandstand view from the lane. They really are incredible.
Well, I had a pause for dinner and it's still just the lead up to the closing ceremony, so I'm going to grab a coffee, park myself on the sofa and put my feet and the volume up. It's been a terrific Olympics after a few little setbacks and I think it's taken most of us by surprise how well it's all come together - I admit to having been one of the cynical ones. I was cheering for Mo Farah last night especially knowing that David admired him so much and would have been cheering along as well. It's certainly been an emotional event one way and another and, of course, it's not just about the actual sport but the whole coming together of so many people in such a positive and peaceful way. If only that spirit could be kept going after the games (including next week's Paralympics) are over


annemarks said...

Lovely Christmas cards, I can't quite get in the mood to make mine yet but this is helping :)

Artyjen said...

Great DIY skills Lindsay ;~) Love your lawn work on the previous post.
xoxo Sioux

Paul Browning - The Artsider said...

It was a complete tonic for me too. Wonderful to spend a relaxed day, nattering and enjoying the warm weather. Having seen your garden irl, I'm looking at your photos in a renewed light :) Hope you don't have to lug too many more mortar bags more back home with you!!! Give your cats a hug from me :) As for your cards, they are as creative and delightful as always. I saw your journal too and was mesmerised by your talent and skill. I'm looking forward to doing it again soon. Hugs. Pxx

Redanne said...

Hi Lindsay, I love your Christmas cards and Andy's trees look wonderful. Love how you have done that huge moon, very atmospheric. I have to admit I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the Olympics, good and bad, happy and sad - but I am worn out! Your garden and the wall are coming along a treat, worth all the hard work you are putting in. Crafty hugs, Anne x