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I'm a freelance artist, designer and demonstrator and have been involved in arts and craft my whole life in one way or another. I design stamps for top British company Personal Impressions, under the "Lindsay Mason Designs" brand, as well as papers, templates and other crafting products. I'm a certified Ranger Educator and my first book,"Stamping", was published in 2009. I also design regular projects for Crafts Beautiful magazine and have made guest appearances from time to time on QVC. I've recently joined You Tube under the name of LindsayMason1000 where I'm posting short technique videos and you can buy my paintings and hand crafted pieces from my Etsy shop. My work takes me all around the country demonstrating stamping, papercrafts and general inkiness! When I'm not working, I love gardening, church & community activities, nature watching, journalling, music and theatre and just relaxing at home. Email me at: ljm.design1@virginmedia.com

Sunday, 20 July 2014

A wild day

Almost time for bed, but I've a busy few days coming up so I'm taking the chance to share some photos of a lovely day. Also to say thank you for the lovely birthday cards that I received over the last few days.
Heather had suggested a visit to the zoo - somewhat depending on the weather of course! It was pretty iffy this morning but we decided to brave the showery downpours and go anyway, especially as it was so warm. I spent my last birthday assisting with a funeral so I was looking forward to having a more fun filled day.
Before that I had some parcels to open though,and look how lucky I was.....
 ....the cushion was one that I'd seen and wished I'd bought at the time - when I went back to the store they had all gone but Heather found one at another branch! The gift bag is full of Yankee candles and incense....very relaxing. There's some lovely Champneys goodies too, so the house smells gorgeous one way or another! A special treat is the tag that's tied to the theatre leaflet....it's a "save the date" tag for November when we'll be going to the Grand to see Madam Butterfly.....wow! Heather has never been to the opera and, when I suggested going to see one she really wasn't keen at all so I'm really chuffed that we're now going and I can't wait to see what she makes of it. David and I loved going to the opera, not that we could afford to go too often! Madam Butterfly is one of my favourites and I'll need to take a stack of tissues!
And the boots.....
...check these beauties out!!! Another sneaky gift from my lovely sister.....I'd tried these on when we were window shopping a couple of months ago and I really fell for them but I really couldn't justify buying them. Last time we went to town I saw them again but Heather was being very dismissive of them....turns out it was because she'd already got them for me!
There were treats in store of a different kind when we got to the zoo. Blackpool zoo has a great reputation for its conservation work and the latest success is the very recent birth of two tiger cubs. Needless to say we were hoping we might get a glimpse of them as it's been left up the mother as to if and when she brings them out. We were very lucky and got really close to them and I managed to get some pics and a short video clip....
 ....the other cub was in the corner where mum had just plonked him!
Another big highlight was spotting a creature perched rather precariously on a fairly thin branch which I realised was one that I'd wanted to see since reading Gerald Durrell's books many years ago where he described these adorable animals....
 ...they're tree porcupines and I just love the waddly walk. They look as if they were made of bits that were left over - a cross between a monkey, a koala bear and a normal porcupine
This one did get safely down from the rather spindly tree, though not very gracefully! Here's a close up of another one that waddled into the little cabin that was part of their spacious enclosure...
,,,how adorable is that? A moment after I took the photo he suddenly dropped out of view as he fell over! Not the most elegant creatures but just gorgeous. If you want to see a really cute tree porcupine, check out this video clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMeuwYvlBI0&feature=youtu.be which features a rescued animal from a slightly different species...I almost cried it's so cute!
Not sure if those two videos have uploaded properly so will check tomorrow and try again if they haven't.
Another big thrill was going through the Lemur wood where we had some really close encounters...
 ....they were so nosey and I had to keep a tight hold of my bag to stop them from diving in! Their fur was like thick velvet. Oh my gosh......
....a Ring Tailed Lemur held my hand! By this time my heart was near bursting with all the wonderful encounters! Far too many photos to share (I think I took a couple of hundred!) but we saw just about everything from parrots to penguins, kangaroos to keas, tamarinds to tapirs and everything in between.
Of course,to exit the zoo you have to come through the shop which gave me the chance for a couple more photo ops! With "pith" helmet and a very savage lion........
 ....and then wrestling with an exotic snake!
Heather pointed out that I was right under the security cameras at the time and wondered what on earth the security people would think if they saw me! I was determined to have a bit of fun today though, so I didn't care what I looked like!
It was sad to wave goodbye to the animals but we had been there for about five or six hours! So then it was back to Heather's where we watched a Michael Buble concert that she had recorded followed by a lovely meal of steak, root mash, green vegetables and a mushroom and onion sauce - yummy!
I came home in time to see Alfie Boe performing at the Edinburgh live concert so that was a rather nice treat too!
Tomorrow morning is a slight change from the usual Church service as I'm puppeteering at the last Sunday school of the summer. We're doing a story, a song and the Lord's Prayer - mostly with camels! After that we all rush round to Church in time to take communion and then I'm staying behind to tidy away and set up for the next service. It's a busy day as it's the annual hog roast in the afternoon! It doesn't involve roasting a hog, but there will be lots of food and a really good get together for members of the Church and friends - pity the weather is so unpredictable so we're hoping for a bit of sunshine.
Needless to say this has taken so long that it's now gone midnight and officially the day after my birthday as this is posted! No time tomorrow though as I need to have an early night for an early start on Monday....I have to catch a train at 5.20am....ouch!!! I'm off to two garden centres, Woodthorpe near Alford in Lincolnshire and then, on Tuesday, Brigg, also in Licolnshire. I'm making displays boards for them as well as being there to demo and answer questions of course.
Oh yes....a rather large box arrived late on Friday afternoon which contained all my new Christmas stamp sets! So, I'll be getting cracking with those next week and will share some creative photos for a change once I've made a start! 
I'd better get to bed now - it's 12.40am!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Check this out...

If you have time, please pop over to my sister's blog as she is asking for some suggestions regarding a new venture. Here's the link http://fennedwards.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/crafty-call-out.html. My late brother in law, Graham, was an amazing artist who specialised in sculptures, particularly bronzes. Heather and one of Graham's best friends are hoping to cast some pieces from the original moulds but they would also like to create some new pieces and Heather is wondering what might appeal - including things that could be incorporated into altered art or jewellery making for example.
Anyway, if you have any thoughts I know that Heather would really appreciate some feedback. Worth a look just to see some of Graham's fantastic work.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Pre supper post

Hello all, just a quick post this evening whist I wait for my supper to finish cooking. I'm having fish tonight and one side dish is some of my freshly picked cherry tomatoes that are roasting in some olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. All the tomatoes are coming along nicely now...
...although I'm more excited about the sweetcorn!
As you can see, there is definitely something yellow going on in there at last! They are all at different heights but most of them are showing signs of fruiting.
Tomorrow I'm off to Church to assist at my first wedding - that sounds very grand but, of course, I'll just be helping out with guests, service sheets etc...not too sure what to expect yet but it should be lovely. I've helped at quite a lot of funerals now so it will be good to be at a happy occasion for once. I know what to wear at the funerals of course, but I wasn't sure about tomorrow. I was told that anything was fine and I could wear something summery and cheerful. So, my new bargain basement Quacker Factory jacket fits the bill (no pun intended!) and I'm teaming it with a dress...something I never usually wear! What do you think?
 The jacket has lovely embroidery and applique that's also on the back....
...shame that my hair will cover most of it! And no, I'm not going to wear my hair up....not with my ears! I'll have to wear the sleeves turned up - being such a shortie, sleeves are always too long on me. And can you believe it cost me under a fiver?!? Yes really!
I wanted to wear my lilac shoes, the ones I showed piccies of two years ago...how scary is that?! However, a couple of months ago one of the heels got a split in it which meant that not only was I a bit lop sided but every step was accompanied by a loud squeak! I didn't really think it would go down well if I was squeaking around Church tomorrow during the wedding so I decided to try and fix the problem today. I used a pointed metal tool to poke cotton wool into the collapsed heel - lots of it! Then I piped glossy accents into the split and left it to set in the sunshine. I'm happy to say that it's worked and I no longer squeak! Is there anything that glossy accents can't do?!
So that this post isn't completely bereft of anything crafty - although cobbling might come under that heading! - here's a picture of what arrived via courier today....
....six boxes filled with assorted bottles of Irresistible sprays from Tsukineko! I had a bit of a play with these sprays at the Stitches trade show back in February but I haven't had any to use since then. Well, plenty in there to work with now - about thirty colours, including white and metallics. They are a little like the Goosebumps sprays that I love using except with great colour as opposed to clear. The spray creates a bumpy texture that will also resist any inking over the top, so there will be some great backgrounds for my Christmas samples I can see. I'll share some pictures once I get going with them.
Well, I'd better sign off before my dinner is burned to a cinder. Then it's an evening of telly for me - Masterchef is the highlight tonight...but will they cook anything as tasty as my Balsamic roasted tomatoes?

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A time to work and a time to relax

Hello all. I thought it was about time for a catch up as my last post was over a week ago. It's been lovely having some time off, spent at home but there's no place I'd rather be. Thomas and Tara have been very relaxed too. I guess they sensed I wasn't going trolleying off for a day or two! I think the key to relaxing is to be able to do nothing (or something other than work) without feeling guilty about it. After the pressure to get my new Christmas stamp designs finished I really needed to forget about everything to do with work for a bit.
So, not a lot of creative things to share tonight! Instead, the "holiday" has been made up of all sorts of non crafty things. Last Monday I met my sister, Heather, in town and we had lunch and did some window shopping. I had to return some very pretty shoes....I had only worn them to stroll into the village and the soles fell off! Just my luck!
Tuesday was spent doing some weeding in the garden (where else?!?) and trying out my brilliant purchase from the previous day. It cost all of 99p from Wilkinsons and was a spray trigger attachment for my hose pipe. Whoopie Doo you may say but I have had so much fun trying out all the different settings! Much less wasteful of water too. I did some repair work on the wooden window frames on the outside of the house too, getting the rotten wood out and replacing it with filler. Much more to be done on this front! I spotted two little chrysalises on the window shutters so  I keep checking to make sure they are still safely attached. I think they are Cabbage White's....the ones that have been munching on my Nasturtiums but hey ho!
Wednesday was the day I actually finished reading Life of Pi...it's only taken me about eighteen months on and off!  In the afternoon I headed off to Church to help with a funeral, handing out service sheets, greeting mourners and then helping to tidy the Church afterwards.  It was a particularly sad event and left all of us feeling pretty grim really.
In the evening it was off to the Vicarage for part two of our study course based around Les Miserables. It's proving to be a very interesting course leading to lots of debate. It's good to take one's introspective thoughts and share them with others.
I managed to squeeze in some tennis watching during the week of course, though not as much as I normally do as I didn't want to waste the glorious weather. On Thursday night I watched the film of Life of Pi which I enjoyed enormously and can highly recommend. It's visually stunning, surreal and very thought provoking. Some of my friends and I have decided that we enjoyed watching Les Mis together so much that it would be good to have a film night once in a while, so Life of Pi is going to be our first one. Yes, I know I've just watched it but I need to see film on my own first....I like the peace and quiet so I can concentrate!
Friday was billed as the hottest day of the year so far. It probably was in the south, and especially at Wimbledon, but here on the Fylde coast the Heavens opened and the rain just kept coming. It was definitely a day for staying inside and watching the tennis. Thomas and Tara got very grumpy and agitated at not being able to go out!
On Saturday Heather and I went to visit mum and then called in at the fete that was being held at the neighbouring village Church (part of the same parish as St Chads). It's a pretty small event but it was packed with people enjoying themselves. I won two prizes from my five tombola tickets - a bottle of lager with strawberry flavour and a bottle of non alcohlic wine - both still in the fridge! Later on Heather got a phone call to say she'd won one of the raffle prizes - a nice selection of Champneys Spa products. Must have been our lucky day!
Sunday was Church again of course and I was on duty which I always enjoy. I had to announce the hymns during communion as part of my tasks and I always have to crane up on tiptoes to make sure my voice reaches the microphone on the lecturn! As usual there was coffee after the service and then I scurried home to watch the men's tennis final. I'll admit that I rarely bother watching the ladies final as it's usually a bit of a non event in my opinion - this year's lasted less than an hour! The Federer/Djokovic match was a real nail biter though and thoroughy enjoyable. To think it was a year since this....
...Heather and I had a lot of fun that afternoon watching Andy Murray win!
On Sunday night I was letting the two terrors in at the back door when I heard a very loud fluttering inside the conservatory. This was the source of the sounds....
 ...a beautiful Elephant Hawk Moth. He was huge! You can get an idea of the size in this picture, when he landed on me.....
...mmm....yes....well! I managed to pick him up to get him outside and he felt really strong inside my two hands. I'd have loved to have seen him as a caterpillar as they look really extraordinary. More wildlife reports this evening as I saw a kestrel hovering over the fields at the back of the house - what a treat.
The last few days have been more of the same really....gardening, reading, doing a jig saw (that always feels very decadent!), watching the odd film, having forty winks on the lawn....lovely! I also grabbed a few bargains in the local charity shops, including a gorgeous appliqued white jacket from Quacker Factory that was an absolute snip!
This morning I had my temporary crown removed and my new, permanent one put in.....well, I really  hope it's permanent anyway! Just one more crown to sort out now and then I should be finished with dental appointments - hoorah!
Thank you for the kind comments and emails from everyone regarding both new stamp designs and my decision to knock my other blog on the head and post all my ramblings on just this one - it seems that some of you do enjoy reading my waffle!
Well, I'd better get ready for bo bo's now. I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep with fresh linen on the bed - lovely, what a simple pleasure! I'm still betwixt and between things just now - waiting for my new stamps to arrive so a few more days off still on the cards for me. I'll be posting details next time about where I'm going to be over the coming weeks. Sorry for waffling on! Night all.

Monday, 30 June 2014

A little holiday...and a loooong post!

Well that's an overstatement! I've not actually been on a proper holiday for over twenty years (seriously!). It's one drawback of being freelance because if I don't work, I don't get paid! Still, the freedom of being my own boss makes up for it.
So, my little holiday is really just a having a few days off, at home, without feeling guilty about doing whatever takes my fancy. Yesterday, being Sunday, began with Church in the morning. There was a baptism during the service so that was jolly - always fun to see whether the babies will cry or just look surprised when they have all that water poured onto them...yesterday's baby cried!
After Church there is coffee which is always a good chance for a catch up and then I was invited to join a couple of the ladies for a spot of lunch which made a change. As it was a beautiful day I then had a lovey stroll home through the park. After a very long day on Saturday (more later!) I was feeling really tired and could hardly keep my eyes open in the afternoon. I decided to go outside into the fresh air. Lots of lovely things to look at in the garden just now too....
....lovely peachy roses right beside my bench....
 ....and David's beautiful memorial rose is flowering profusely and looking stunning......
.....and this amazing rose greeted me yesterday. It's one that I planted a few months ago and the flower is huge. It smells as gorgeous as it looks.
Sitting on the garden bench was lovely but I decided to lie down on the lawn and I soon nodded off and spent an hour or two dozing in the sunshine which I think did me the world of good. Thomas thought it was great fun so he lay down too! 
After a phone call to Heather, my sister, I decided to make the effort, get ready and walk back to Church for a Songs of Praise service in the early evening. On the way there a group of teenagers ahead of me were dropping all their sweet and crisp packets on the road as they walked along so I pulled them up about it. Of course, I just got the usual jeering and I picked up the litter and put it in the bin myself after telling them that they didn't deserve to live in such a lovely place (not a very original remark I know!). 
This came up in conversation after the service....we were all treated to some sparkling wine at the back of Church.....and I was told "you were brave, tackling teenagers", which is something I hear a lot. It never seems that way to me, it just seems better to say or do something than to let things go. I was pondering on this as I made my way home, back through the park, and recalled how I've often walked that way on dark evenings in the Winter months. I rarely feel nervous though, and, when I do, I have a quick word with "Him upstairs" and ask him to look out for me! 
I was having all these scatterlogical thoughts yesterday as I entered the park and then spotted the teenagers that I'd had a go at earlier. I had no thought that they would do me any harm, but I was expecting to have to "run the gauntlet" as I went past them. Just as I thought that, I saw a male figure coming in my direction and then realised he was wearing a dog collar. He said "Good Evening" to me and the teens focussed all their attention on him, asking if he was the new Vicar, the old Vicar, or who was he. I heard him say that he was a Priest from the Catholic Church. I haven't seen him before and it made me smile that I'd just been thinking about how I always feel that I'm being looked after and protected and I encountered the Priest just as I was anticipating some heckling. 
This reminds me to say that I've decided not to continue with my second blog (My Rambling Spirit) which I'd set up in order to have somewhere to talk about more spiritual things. I never seem to get the time to post in two blogs and I also decided that, as my faith and spirituality have always been a huge part of my life, I shouldn't feel the need to keep them separate as if I'm somehow embarrassed  or worried that I'll alienate anyone. So, please feel free to skip over any part of my posts that don't appeal to you! I do try to make my blog quite encompassing rather than just being about art, craft and things creative.
When I got home last night Thomas was waiting for me by the gate and he decided he wanted me to go for a stroll up the lane with him so we had a nice wander and watched the Swallows racing each other round and round the big tree in the field - they are racing each other I'm convinced of it! The bats were also out and about, even though it was still quite light, and it made for a lovely way to end the evening, watching them swooping and dipping over the garden. Just lovely.
I had a great night's sleep and woke to another gorgeous day here. This was a day to do very little! I mowed the lawn, did some washing, cut back some Foxgloves and Snapdragons that had gone over and did a bit of weeding and feeding of plants. Then it was time to sit outside and read for a few hours. I've been reading Life of Pi since early 2013 and still not finished it! Terrible I know! I just haven't been able to focus long enough to really spend time in a good book, even though I had been enjoying it. As I'd suggested the film for one that some friends could come over and watch, I decided I really must finish the book first. So, I've got through quite a lot today and really enjoyed myself. This photo pretty much sums up the kind of day it's been.....
....Tom likes the bench as much as I do!
Later it was watching the tennis and egg and bacon sandwiches for dinner - yum! A refreshing shower and freshly laundered PJ's and I'd call it a pretty relaxing and enjoyable day.
Tomorrow I'm meeting Heather in Blackpool for some window shopping and to return the shoes that I bought a couple of weeks ago which disintegrated the first time I wore them! 
To go back a bit, on Saturday I went to Daisy Jewels and Crafts near Coventry to teach an all day workshop. This involved me getting up at 5.15am in time to get ready and then walk round to the station and catch the early train to Preston for the first leg of my journey. Imagine my horror to be told that the train was cancelled (due to staff shortages...I ask you!) and that, instead of arriving at 9.20am it would now be 10.53 am when I got to Bedworth! Thankfully, the ladies were all very patient and spent time looking round the shop until I arrived. We tagged the time onto the end of the day but it was a rotten start I can tell you!
A great time was had by all (so they told me!). We made several projects.....

...including a wall plaque featuring a Doo lally Pip character and roses made from rolling up spirals of ink sprayed dictionary paper. 
I used my "Frayed Around the Edges" character, but the ladies all had a choice of which stamp to use....
....here's one in progress using my "Keep Dancing" set, before any flowers were added. I liked the way the burlap was cut out as a heart shape.
Here's one of the cards made on the day...
...lovely and cheerful!
Everyone was kept hard at work to get through everything....
.....including Zendoodle Owl cards....
....complete with stripey branches of course!
The shop has two amazing dresses on display which were made by DCWV for one of the trade shows. Just look at this fantastical creation....
....wow! Thanks to Wendy and all the ladies who came to the workshop for making it such a fun day and being so patient when British Rail let me down...again! Gggrrrr! I'll be going back there in October and will post more details nearer the time.
Well, I told you this was going to be a long post and I was telling the truth! It's almost 11.30pm now, so I should make a move, get the two terrors in and lock up the house before getting to bed. A nice day with Heather to look forward to tomorrow and then, on Wednesday I am assisting with a funeral at Church in the afternoon before our second Les Mis study group meeting in the evening. So, busy even when I'm having a few days off!
I'm waiting for my new Christmas stamps to be sent to me so that I can start getting samples made up with them, so will share those as and when of course. I won't post any more of my new designs tonight though!
You may like a couple of cute Tara pics to finish with instead! On Friday she was sitting on the chair facing into the corner and looking for all the world as if she'd been a naughty girl and was in trouble with the teacher. I couldn't resist making a little something so I could take a photo...
.....she didn't move at all and hardly seemed to notice her new attire! She even posed for a lovely close up for me....
.....cutey pie!
Right, I will now sign off before anyone still reading this missive drops off! Enjoy the sunshine everyone.

Friday, 27 June 2014

More coffee break previews!

You must think I am always taking coffee breaks! It's just a good time to post on here whilst I'm having ten minutes or so away from my work table....er....for table, read  floor! I just spread stuff out so far and wide when I work that it's simpler to work down there...keeps me flexible too!
Anyway, here are some more previews of my new Christmas stamp sets. Thank you for all the lovely comments and emails that I've had about the ones I posted yesterday and, to answer some of the queries, they will be out sometime in July and will be available from any Personal Impressions stockist. If your nearest store doesn't have them, just make a note of the code number/s and ask them to order them for you.
Okay, on with the next sets. This first one is my "Zendoodle Reindeer Ready to Go" CICSA6311.

As I explained yesterday, the Zendoodle stamps all have two versions of the exact same image - one plain and one ready doodled. To answer a question that I was asked last night, you don't get both versions in one set - there is a choice of either the plain image OR the ready done one. Just to illustrate, here is the plain version of the same reindeer....
...this one is "Zendoodle Reindeer" CICSA6309 and, as you can see, this gives you the outlined areas for infilling with your own doodle designs.
Okay, next up is a set called "Branching Out" CICSA6338....
....this set was in response to many requests for my stripey branch to be made as a stamp so I have added three other, more festive, variations as well. Of course the stripey one can be use all year round. Turn it through 45degrees and it works as a tree, seaweed etc.
This set was my sister's favourite from the Zendoodle range........
....maybe it's because Heather is an expert sock knitter! Anyway, this one is "Zendoodle Christmas Stockings" CICSA6321. Lots of scope for bright colouring, fine glitters and general fun with this set!
I love snowmen and I love using silhouette stamps so there are a couple of the icy fellows included here....
This set is called "Peaceful Christmas" CICSA6325 and I know that I'll be using this a lot in demonstrations and for my own cards this year. Dylusions ink spray backgrounds, Distress ink backgrounds and some white gel pen highlights....I can see them now! 
Back to Zendoodles and this is "Zendoodle Snowman Ready to Go" CICSA6320....

....well, I had to, didn't I?! What a jazzy outfit!
Next up are "Little Festive Houses" CICSA6329. Ideal if you're sending cards to anyone having Christmas in a new home or the "our house to yours" cards of course. I'll be matching these with little snowmen and other characters.
 A big word now! This is "Zendoodle Joy RTG" CICSA6317. Lots of festive doodles within the letters on this one.
Finally, for now, another Doo Lally Pip set....
....this is "DLP  Night Before Christmas" CICSA6334. Not sure about health and safety with her candle carrying technique! The candle can be cut away and replaced with anything else or she can even hold the stocking of course. She also has a pair of optional script wings that can, of course, be used with other figures.
Well, that was an interrupted coffee break and posting session as my neighbour popped round for a chat so I will have to scarper now and catch up with myself....and make a fresh coffee too I think!
I'll be off to Coventry first thing in the morning for my day at Daisy Jewels and Crafts teaching a workshop. So, I'll post some pictures of that when I get back.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

A peek at new Christmas stamps!

Morning everyone, I'm just having a quick coffee break and, as the images of my new stamps are now available to see on the Personal Impressions website, I thought I'd just take a few minutes to share a few with you. You can see the whole collection by clicking here, although there are a couple more still to be added later today.
Well, here goes....I've just chosen a few different sets from the whole collection........
....first up is "Little Fairy" CICSA6332. She's a pretty sturdy little thing with her boots and stripey tights! She has a nice stream of starry sprinkles to waft around the place though.
Of course, anyone who knows my work will be aware of my obsession with snowmen of all different styles and here's one of my new ones.....

....he's called "Stringy Snowman" CICSA6337 and he's in the Doo Lally Pip range. I'll be stamping him directly onto my backgrounds and then stamping him again so I can cut out his head and body to layer over the top....no cutting round stringy arms for me! 
A set of quotes now, these ones being "Inspirational Quotes Greetings" CICSA6341. If, like me, when you make quirky, cute, or just non religious Christmas cards you still like to have the option of some words that allude to the real meaning of Christmas in some way, then I hope these will fit the bill.
Another thing that I like to feature in my stamps are owls! So I decided to create some festive ones along with their very own icicle strewn branch. They all different characters, from the rather bewildered one on the top right to Mr Grumpy on the left! Sorry about the appalling puns though....another of my favourite things!
This set is "Merry Christmas to Whoo" CICSA6323.
Another fairy now, or at least someone who wants to be a fairy! She is another in my Doo Lally Pip range and is "DLP Tree Fairy" CICSA6330. Her socks look pretty much like mine usually do when I'm relaxing on a chilly evening! Of course, you can always clip off her wings (ouch!) when she's not wanted as a fairy...and use the wings elsewhere needless to say.
To finish this first peep, here are three of the seasonal designs from my Zendoodle range. As with the first collection, there are "plain" sets and "ready to go" versions of the same designs. There are twelve new Christmas designs, so that amounts to twenty four in total...are you keeping up with me here?!? I'll just show you three of the ready to go versions here, but if you prefer to do your own doodled infilling, then the plain versions are for you!
This is "Zendoodle Dove Ready to Go" CICSA6315. As with all the Zendoodle range, it's a good size to make a big impact on a card or to use in a frame as a decorative picture. I'll definitely be making some decorations with this one as it's an easy one to cut out and decoupage of course. Rather than wild colouring on this one I'll probably choose just one or two tones of grey, lilac or blue and do some gentle shading.
Trees next, and this set is "Zendoodle Trees RTG" CICSA6319. A row of highly decorative trees that can be used as they are  or, of course, cut down into individual or smaller groups. I may have to restrain myself with my colouring on these or I might get carried away!
Finally for now, this last stamp is "Zendoodle Angel RTG" CICSA6312.She's an Angel and she's Zendoodled and there you have it!
Hope you enjoyed the first look at just some of the new sets. I was literally dreaming about doodling by the time I had finished all the Zendoodle designs! There are lots more sets in the collections so I'll share some more next time.
Meanwhile, my break is over and I'd better get back to work!