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I'm a freelance artist, designer and demonstrator and have been involved in arts and craft my whole life in one way or another. I design stamps for top British company Personal Impressions, under the "Lindsay Mason Designs" brand, as well as papers, templates and other crafting products. I'm a certified Ranger Educator and my first book,"Stamping", was published in 2009. I also design regular projects for Crafts Beautiful magazine and have made guest appearances from time to time on QVC. I've recently joined You Tube under the name of LindsayMason1000 where I'm posting short technique videos and you can buy my paintings and hand crafted pieces from my Etsy shop. My work takes me all around the country demonstrating stamping, papercrafts and general inkiness! When I'm not working, I love gardening, church & community activities, nature watching, journalling, music and theatre and just relaxing at home. Email me at: ljm.design1@virginmedia.com

Monday, 30 June 2014

A little holiday...and a loooong post!

Well that's an overstatement! I've not actually been on a proper holiday for over twenty years (seriously!). It's one drawback of being freelance because if I don't work, I don't get paid! Still, the freedom of being my own boss makes up for it.
So, my little holiday is really just a having a few days off, at home, without feeling guilty about doing whatever takes my fancy. Yesterday, being Sunday, began with Church in the morning. There was a baptism during the service so that was jolly - always fun to see whether the babies will cry or just look surprised when they have all that water poured onto them...yesterday's baby cried!
After Church there is coffee which is always a good chance for a catch up and then I was invited to join a couple of the ladies for a spot of lunch which made a change. As it was a beautiful day I then had a lovey stroll home through the park. After a very long day on Saturday (more later!) I was feeling really tired and could hardly keep my eyes open in the afternoon. I decided to go outside into the fresh air. Lots of lovely things to look at in the garden just now too....
....lovely peachy roses right beside my bench....
 ....and David's beautiful memorial rose is flowering profusely and looking stunning......
.....and this amazing rose greeted me yesterday. It's one that I planted a few months ago and the flower is huge. It smells as gorgeous as it looks.
Sitting on the garden bench was lovely but I decided to lie down on the lawn and I soon nodded off and spent an hour or two dozing in the sunshine which I think did me the world of good. Thomas thought it was great fun so he lay down too! 
After a phone call to Heather, my sister, I decided to make the effort, get ready and walk back to Church for a Songs of Praise service in the early evening. On the way there a group of teenagers ahead of me were dropping all their sweet and crisp packets on the road as they walked along so I pulled them up about it. Of course, I just got the usual jeering and I picked up the litter and put it in the bin myself after telling them that they didn't deserve to live in such a lovely place (not a very original remark I know!). 
This came up in conversation after the service....we were all treated to some sparkling wine at the back of Church.....and I was told "you were brave, tackling teenagers", which is something I hear a lot. It never seems that way to me, it just seems better to say or do something than to let things go. I was pondering on this as I made my way home, back through the park, and recalled how I've often walked that way on dark evenings in the Winter months. I rarely feel nervous though, and, when I do, I have a quick word with "Him upstairs" and ask him to look out for me! 
I was having all these scatterlogical thoughts yesterday as I entered the park and then spotted the teenagers that I'd had a go at earlier. I had no thought that they would do me any harm, but I was expecting to have to "run the gauntlet" as I went past them. Just as I thought that, I saw a male figure coming in my direction and then realised he was wearing a dog collar. He said "Good Evening" to me and the teens focussed all their attention on him, asking if he was the new Vicar, the old Vicar, or who was he. I heard him say that he was a Priest from the Catholic Church. I haven't seen him before and it made me smile that I'd just been thinking about how I always feel that I'm being looked after and protected and I encountered the Priest just as I was anticipating some heckling. 
This reminds me to say that I've decided not to continue with my second blog (My Rambling Spirit) which I'd set up in order to have somewhere to talk about more spiritual things. I never seem to get the time to post in two blogs and I also decided that, as my faith and spirituality have always been a huge part of my life, I shouldn't feel the need to keep them separate as if I'm somehow embarrassed  or worried that I'll alienate anyone. So, please feel free to skip over any part of my posts that don't appeal to you! I do try to make my blog quite encompassing rather than just being about art, craft and things creative.
When I got home last night Thomas was waiting for me by the gate and he decided he wanted me to go for a stroll up the lane with him so we had a nice wander and watched the Swallows racing each other round and round the big tree in the field - they are racing each other I'm convinced of it! The bats were also out and about, even though it was still quite light, and it made for a lovely way to end the evening, watching them swooping and dipping over the garden. Just lovely.
I had a great night's sleep and woke to another gorgeous day here. This was a day to do very little! I mowed the lawn, did some washing, cut back some Foxgloves and Snapdragons that had gone over and did a bit of weeding and feeding of plants. Then it was time to sit outside and read for a few hours. I've been reading Life of Pi since early 2013 and still not finished it! Terrible I know! I just haven't been able to focus long enough to really spend time in a good book, even though I had been enjoying it. As I'd suggested the film for one that some friends could come over and watch, I decided I really must finish the book first. So, I've got through quite a lot today and really enjoyed myself. This photo pretty much sums up the kind of day it's been.....
....Tom likes the bench as much as I do!
Later it was watching the tennis and egg and bacon sandwiches for dinner - yum! A refreshing shower and freshly laundered PJ's and I'd call it a pretty relaxing and enjoyable day.
Tomorrow I'm meeting Heather in Blackpool for some window shopping and to return the shoes that I bought a couple of weeks ago which disintegrated the first time I wore them! 
To go back a bit, on Saturday I went to Daisy Jewels and Crafts near Coventry to teach an all day workshop. This involved me getting up at 5.15am in time to get ready and then walk round to the station and catch the early train to Preston for the first leg of my journey. Imagine my horror to be told that the train was cancelled (due to staff shortages...I ask you!) and that, instead of arriving at 9.20am it would now be 10.53 am when I got to Bedworth! Thankfully, the ladies were all very patient and spent time looking round the shop until I arrived. We tagged the time onto the end of the day but it was a rotten start I can tell you!
A great time was had by all (so they told me!). We made several projects.....

...including a wall plaque featuring a Doo lally Pip character and roses made from rolling up spirals of ink sprayed dictionary paper. 
I used my "Frayed Around the Edges" character, but the ladies all had a choice of which stamp to use....
....here's one in progress using my "Keep Dancing" set, before any flowers were added. I liked the way the burlap was cut out as a heart shape.
Here's one of the cards made on the day...
...lovely and cheerful!
Everyone was kept hard at work to get through everything....
.....including Zendoodle Owl cards....
....complete with stripey branches of course!
The shop has two amazing dresses on display which were made by DCWV for one of the trade shows. Just look at this fantastical creation....
....wow! Thanks to Wendy and all the ladies who came to the workshop for making it such a fun day and being so patient when British Rail let me down...again! Gggrrrr! I'll be going back there in October and will post more details nearer the time.
Well, I told you this was going to be a long post and I was telling the truth! It's almost 11.30pm now, so I should make a move, get the two terrors in and lock up the house before getting to bed. A nice day with Heather to look forward to tomorrow and then, on Wednesday I am assisting with a funeral at Church in the afternoon before our second Les Mis study group meeting in the evening. So, busy even when I'm having a few days off!
I'm waiting for my new Christmas stamps to be sent to me so that I can start getting samples made up with them, so will share those as and when of course. I won't post any more of my new designs tonight though!
You may like a couple of cute Tara pics to finish with instead! On Friday she was sitting on the chair facing into the corner and looking for all the world as if she'd been a naughty girl and was in trouble with the teacher. I couldn't resist making a little something so I could take a photo...
.....she didn't move at all and hardly seemed to notice her new attire! She even posed for a lovely close up for me....
.....cutey pie!
Right, I will now sign off before anyone still reading this missive drops off! Enjoy the sunshine everyone.

Friday, 27 June 2014

More coffee break previews!

You must think I am always taking coffee breaks! It's just a good time to post on here whilst I'm having ten minutes or so away from my work table....er....for table, read  floor! I just spread stuff out so far and wide when I work that it's simpler to work down there...keeps me flexible too!
Anyway, here are some more previews of my new Christmas stamp sets. Thank you for all the lovely comments and emails that I've had about the ones I posted yesterday and, to answer some of the queries, they will be out sometime in July and will be available from any Personal Impressions stockist. If your nearest store doesn't have them, just make a note of the code number/s and ask them to order them for you.
Okay, on with the next sets. This first one is my "Zendoodle Reindeer Ready to Go" CICSA6311.

As I explained yesterday, the Zendoodle stamps all have two versions of the exact same image - one plain and one ready doodled. To answer a question that I was asked last night, you don't get both versions in one set - there is a choice of either the plain image OR the ready done one. Just to illustrate, here is the plain version of the same reindeer....
...this one is "Zendoodle Reindeer" CICSA6309 and, as you can see, this gives you the outlined areas for infilling with your own doodle designs.
Okay, next up is a set called "Branching Out" CICSA6338....
....this set was in response to many requests for my stripey branch to be made as a stamp so I have added three other, more festive, variations as well. Of course the stripey one can be use all year round. Turn it through 45degrees and it works as a tree, seaweed etc.
This set was my sister's favourite from the Zendoodle range........
....maybe it's because Heather is an expert sock knitter! Anyway, this one is "Zendoodle Christmas Stockings" CICSA6321. Lots of scope for bright colouring, fine glitters and general fun with this set!
I love snowmen and I love using silhouette stamps so there are a couple of the icy fellows included here....
This set is called "Peaceful Christmas" CICSA6325 and I know that I'll be using this a lot in demonstrations and for my own cards this year. Dylusions ink spray backgrounds, Distress ink backgrounds and some white gel pen highlights....I can see them now! 
Back to Zendoodles and this is "Zendoodle Snowman Ready to Go" CICSA6320....

....well, I had to, didn't I?! What a jazzy outfit!
Next up are "Little Festive Houses" CICSA6329. Ideal if you're sending cards to anyone having Christmas in a new home or the "our house to yours" cards of course. I'll be matching these with little snowmen and other characters.
 A big word now! This is "Zendoodle Joy RTG" CICSA6317. Lots of festive doodles within the letters on this one.
Finally, for now, another Doo Lally Pip set....
....this is "DLP  Night Before Christmas" CICSA6334. Not sure about health and safety with her candle carrying technique! The candle can be cut away and replaced with anything else or she can even hold the stocking of course. She also has a pair of optional script wings that can, of course, be used with other figures.
Well, that was an interrupted coffee break and posting session as my neighbour popped round for a chat so I will have to scarper now and catch up with myself....and make a fresh coffee too I think!
I'll be off to Coventry first thing in the morning for my day at Daisy Jewels and Crafts teaching a workshop. So, I'll post some pictures of that when I get back.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

A peek at new Christmas stamps!

Morning everyone, I'm just having a quick coffee break and, as the images of my new stamps are now available to see on the Personal Impressions website, I thought I'd just take a few minutes to share a few with you. You can see the whole collection by clicking here, although there are a couple more still to be added later today.
Well, here goes....I've just chosen a few different sets from the whole collection........
....first up is "Little Fairy" CICSA6332. She's a pretty sturdy little thing with her boots and stripey tights! She has a nice stream of starry sprinkles to waft around the place though.
Of course, anyone who knows my work will be aware of my obsession with snowmen of all different styles and here's one of my new ones.....

....he's called "Stringy Snowman" CICSA6337 and he's in the Doo Lally Pip range. I'll be stamping him directly onto my backgrounds and then stamping him again so I can cut out his head and body to layer over the top....no cutting round stringy arms for me! 
A set of quotes now, these ones being "Inspirational Quotes Greetings" CICSA6341. If, like me, when you make quirky, cute, or just non religious Christmas cards you still like to have the option of some words that allude to the real meaning of Christmas in some way, then I hope these will fit the bill.
Another thing that I like to feature in my stamps are owls! So I decided to create some festive ones along with their very own icicle strewn branch. They all different characters, from the rather bewildered one on the top right to Mr Grumpy on the left! Sorry about the appalling puns though....another of my favourite things!
This set is "Merry Christmas to Whoo" CICSA6323.
Another fairy now, or at least someone who wants to be a fairy! She is another in my Doo Lally Pip range and is "DLP Tree Fairy" CICSA6330. Her socks look pretty much like mine usually do when I'm relaxing on a chilly evening! Of course, you can always clip off her wings (ouch!) when she's not wanted as a fairy...and use the wings elsewhere needless to say.
To finish this first peep, here are three of the seasonal designs from my Zendoodle range. As with the first collection, there are "plain" sets and "ready to go" versions of the same designs. There are twelve new Christmas designs, so that amounts to twenty four in total...are you keeping up with me here?!? I'll just show you three of the ready to go versions here, but if you prefer to do your own doodled infilling, then the plain versions are for you!
This is "Zendoodle Dove Ready to Go" CICSA6315. As with all the Zendoodle range, it's a good size to make a big impact on a card or to use in a frame as a decorative picture. I'll definitely be making some decorations with this one as it's an easy one to cut out and decoupage of course. Rather than wild colouring on this one I'll probably choose just one or two tones of grey, lilac or blue and do some gentle shading.
Trees next, and this set is "Zendoodle Trees RTG" CICSA6319. A row of highly decorative trees that can be used as they are  or, of course, cut down into individual or smaller groups. I may have to restrain myself with my colouring on these or I might get carried away!
Finally for now, this last stamp is "Zendoodle Angel RTG" CICSA6312.She's an Angel and she's Zendoodled and there you have it!
Hope you enjoyed the first look at just some of the new sets. I was literally dreaming about doodling by the time I had finished all the Zendoodle designs! There are lots more sets in the collections so I'll share some more next time.
Meanwhile, my break is over and I'd better get back to work!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

New designs...

...yes indeed, my new Christmas stamp designs are now on the Personal Impressions website. It makes all the intense work worthwhile when I see them up there! However, at the moment there are no images showing, just tantalising titles! If you'd like to check out what's in store and maybe have a guess as to what they will be (Lol!) then you can take a look here. As you can see, there are quite a lot of them!
My trip to the dentist went fine this morning and almost an hour later I had a temporary crown in place after everything had been prepared and measured for the genuine article in two weeks time. I must say I have never felt so glamourous as when I was lying flat out on the dentist's chair with a huge lump of bright blue moulding material crammed into my mouth - I'm sure it looked really attractive! I've got to be a bit careful what I eat for the next fortnight but at least I sort of have a smile back!
I'm off to the Vicarage this evening for the first of our study sessions based on Les Miserables, so am really looking forward to some lively conversation. The characters in the story are all fascinating in varying ways and we'll be looking at a different one each week. Then tomorrow evening, after a day of working on new samples, there is another puppet rehearsal at Church. We're learning how to become more adept at using the sticks that can be attached to the puppets' wrists to allow us to manipulate their hands and arms. It's a bit like patting your head and rubbing your tummy but I'm sure we'll get there eventually!
This was one of the performances we did last year. There were three of us behind the screen working five separate sheep!
And, looking back at today last year this was one of the photos I took....
...inside St Chad's Church on one of the first days that I was helping out as assistant Verger.
I was looking back last night at my blog posts that were on that day going back over the years. I found one from 2011 and one photo was this one of a page from my art journal....
...I was contemplating whether to add two figures to the page, representing David and me. I did draw us into the picture, battling against the elements. David always joked that he noted I was sheltering behind him! So, it seems poignant to look back and see the empty boat.I haven't done anything in my journal for a while but I am hoping to get some time in the next few weeks to put that right.
Well, a bit of a strange mix of a post this one! I had better get myself ready to walk round to the Vicarage now and I'll post some peeps at my new stamp sets as soon as the images are released.

Late night post

Hello all, it's almost 11.30 pm and I should be getting to bed really, but I'm just winding down after friends have left so it seemed a good time to touch blog base. This evening I hosted another viewing of the film Les Miserables (my fourth time now!) ahead of the course that starts tomorrow night. I can really recommend the film if you haven't seen it but you need the tissues handy!
Tomorrow morning I'm off to my dentist again when he's going to get my new crowns started - hoorah! I may have my smile back in a couple of weeks! My numb jaw is beginning to get feeling back so I may not have to see the neurologist after all with a bit of luck. Another hoorah!
Meanwhile I've been busy getting things ready for my all day workshop at Daisy Jewels and Crafts in Coventry on Saturday. We'll be making several projects including cards, a tag and a wall plaque and we'll be working with all sorts of lovely things like Dylusions ink sprays, Distress Paints and inks, Inca Gold waxes, Zendoodle and Doo Lally Pip stamps amongst other things! The class runs from 10.30am - 4.00pm and costs £35.00. I know there is still room on the workshop so, if you fancy joining us, please contact the shop directly. You can find contact details on the above link or phone them on 07779 110813.
Here's a sneaky peek at some of the elements that will feature in our projects...
....shiny and colourful! There again......
.....frayed and distressed! But also....
.....some funky stripiness!
(stripyness....stripeyness...stri....?!?!) Just a little peek as I said and there will be more besides.
Well, it's now almost midnight...why does posting take so long? Or is that just me?
Here's another of my "this day last year" photos, this time of a card that I made for a workshop project....
....I notice some Graphic 45 papers in there as well as stamps from one of my 2013 Doo Lally Pip releases "Steamed Up".
Well, I really should make a move to get ready for bed now. It's been another lovely day here and I still have the front door wide open to let the fresh air in. Time to round up the two terrors which should be fun....when it's warm outside they do like to run me ragged at bed time and they'll speed off just as I think they are coming in - Tara, especially, thinks it's a really jolly game!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Down tools!

That is to say my pencil, pens and paper. Yes, it's that glorious moment when I have carefully packed new stamps designs ready for posting tomorrow....always a tricky moment when I hand them over at the Post Office counter....will they look after them, will they bend or even...fold my package? 
Yesterday I started first thing and worked right through till around 7pm and I'd been cooped up inside so long that I went straight into the garden and did some weeding. Well, it was more like grabbing armfuls of Mare's Tail, Sticky Willie (yes, I know, but that's what it's called!) and dandelions. I think I filled about seven bucketfuls and only stopped because my green recycling bin was full. When I came inside I was shocked to see that it was 8.30pm! Beautiful day though, so at least I'd had some sunshine at the end of it.
It didn't even seem that dark when I went to bed - don't you just love these long, light days? I was up at six this morning and, after a quick cup of fruit tea, straight back to work in a last push to get things finished.
So, all done and I am having a day off tomorrow...yaaaaayy! I'm meeting Heather for lunch in Blackpool and then we're meeting up with one of Heather's friends at the Grand theatre to see the Joe Orton play "Entertaining Mr Sloane". I saw the film with Beryl Reid, Harry Andrews and the very dishy Peter McEnery many years ago but I don't remember too much about it except that Peter McEnery was half naked for much of the time! So, it remains to be seen if we'll need the smelling salts tomorrow!
After the theatre I have to hot foot it to the station to get the local train (miles faster than the bus) and then dash home in time to get ready for the second of two film nights I'm hosting. We'll be watching Les Miserables (my third time in a month!) in preparation for our study course that starts next week. The tissues will be on hand again along with the sausage rolls, crisps and cakes!
So, a busy sort of day off but at least my eyes will be getting a rest from all that close work.
It's absolutely scorching here and very muggy too. I've just given everywhere a tidy and quick once over in preparation for tomorrow evening and I'm exhausted now! So, time for a cool shower I think and then couch potato night.
It didn't look quite so summery in the photo from this date last year! Look at that little mischief maker....
....not sure if she was having a swift drink or waiting for the main meal to fly in! 
On Saturday I'll be back at Dainty Supplies in Washington, Tyne and Wear from 10.30am. I'll be using a selection of stamps, Viva Decor products and lots of Ranger inks including Dylusions sprays. Do pop in and say hello if you're in the area.
Right, time for that shower now and then it's a chicken salad for dinner...no home grown salad yet...in fact I haven't even planted the lettuce yet! Must get that job done this weekend.
Enjoy the weather everyone but remember to hydrate and try and stay cool....I keep mini misters filled with cold water by my bed at night when it gets muggy - gives Thomas a bit of a shock but it does the trick!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Lovely Saturday

Hello all, I've just downed tools (pencil, pen and paper) for the day so I thought I'd do a post before I get dinner ready. A stir fry with noodles tonight and some of the veg that is ready to be picked from my plants. Friday night was my first home grown meal (well...almost all of it anyway!)....
...onions and cherry tomatoes from the grocer! The courgettes, sugar snap peas and chard were mine though! Just popped onto a tin plate and drizzled with olive oil, sprinkle of salt and pepper and roasted in the oven for about twenty minutes - they were yummy! The tin plate needed a good scrub though after the spitting oil!
Saturday morning saw me setting off to Burnley for my visit to The Craft Range for their craft demonstration event.It turned out to be something of an "old school reunion" (well, workshop reunion!) as there were so many familiar faces there. So, a big hello to Gez, Kath and Elaine, Jacqui and Christine, Brenda, Mary and Chris...and apologies if I missed you off the list! Chris, Jacqui and Christine...
 ....I was kept well supplied with hot drinks! As I was in the corner, I had to crawl under the table every time I wanted to come out from behind...good thing I'm not very tall!
It was such a busy day that I had no chance to see what everyone else was up to let alone take any photos. Mark Gould and Andy Skinner were in a separate room so not much chance for a catch up there! John Glossop was adjacent to me with some great altered art pieces. There were also demos from Clare representing Indigo Blu and also Wow powders and Crafter's Companion. So, a full house really!
As well as featuring stamps I was making lots of backgrounds using Distress inks, Dylusions ink sprays, stencils and Viva Decor Inca Gold. This was a simple scrunched black card tinted with Dylusions (using the opaque white spray makes the colours visible on dark card) which I then rubbed the Inca Gold over. Simple but effective!
I've become a bit obsessed with backgrounds like this one at the moment.....
....Dylusions sprayed onto my craft sheet and picked up onto white card with a little water spritzed over the surface. I then sprayed the white ink through a Tim Holtz stencil and then flipped the stencil over to use the ink that was on the surface. That way you get the positive and the negative images.
I've really gone mad with colour lately! I don't think you could get much more colourful than this really....

 ....subtle it's not! The die cut flowers were scrunched, wet and then spritzed with inks. Once dried I added touches of Inca Gold and some MME brads.
The day went by in a flash and I was soon on the train back home. I walked back through the park and saw something teeeeny dash across the grass to the right of me and then disappear behind a tree. Thankfully my camera was close to hand so I crept up slowly and found this little sweetie....
 ....altogether now.....aaaahhhhhh! (That's aaaaaahhhhh NOT aaarrrggghhhh! by the way!) It was a cute little woodmouse and he was as bold as could be. Of course, being me, I had to scrabble in my bag and break off a bit of samosa that I had just bought! I threw him a crumb and he sat there having a good feast whilst I took more photos.....
....oh yes, you can tell I'd had a good day of demonstrating just looking at the colour of my fingers! I was really thrilled with this little wildlife encounter. After he'd had a few more morsels he sped off back into the bushes with a twinkle in those big beady eyes!
It's all out there - you just have to keep your eyes open!
Right, time to get into the kitchen now and then a quiet evening (avoiding the dreaded World Cup!) before another day of drawing tomorrow.

Friday, 13 June 2014

A wander in the garden

Another quick coffee break post this morning. Then I'll be packing my bags ready for my trip to Burnley in the morning for the demonstration event at The Craft Range. There will be lots of demonstrations to entertain and inspire, including my great friends Andy Skinner and Mark Gould. I don't get to see the guys that often and now it will be twice in a fortnight!
So, hope to see lots of you over in Burnley on Saturday...I'm sure it will be a fantastic day.
I don't have any photos of my latest creations to share this morning as I've been working on new stamp designs all week and they are obviously "top secret"! I'll take my camera tomorrow though so will share pictures of the day next week.
Thanks to those who asked how I'd got on at the dentist on Tuesday. I'd been scheduled to have another root canal treatment (!) but, having discussed it with the dentist, we decided that it would be better to just whip the tooth out - it's quite far back and not that noticeable. Anything to avoid the complications of the last experience! I was in and out in no time...as was the tooth! No after effects either. I still look like a pirate though as I'm still waiting for the new crown - then I'll be all done and dusted. I also got my hospital appointment to see the neurologist about my numb face so that was much quicker than expected - hoorah!
Well, I don't like to do a post with no photos so here are some of the jungle that I'm surrounded by at the moment! The first of the courgettes is just about ready for the roasting dish now - yum!
A strawberry! I've decided that I probably won't bother with these again...no wonder they are so expensive when the yield is three or four berries per plant!
The sugar snap peas are just outside the conservatory door so I just pick them as I go by and eat them straight off the plant!
 One of the three tomato plants that are outside is coming along very nicely and I've got another five inside!
Unfortunately, although I adore Nasturtiums, and they are so easy to grow, I may have to restrict my love of them next year as they do attract these little monsters....
...Cabbage White caterpillars! I really love having the butterflies in the garden, but the caterpillars just make short work of my plants. Bless them! Thankfully this patch has escaped the munching beasties and are providing a lovely splash of hot colour.
My micro pond is in there somewhere.....
...everything has burgeoned and even one of the pond plants has flowered. Guess I'm doing something right! The fairies are almost completely hidden now. Sadly I've had no visiting frogs or anything larger than hover flies and wolf spiders - maybe they will still come. The only residents in there are....mosquito larvae...oh joy! I'd better stock up on citronella candles for when they emerge!
I'm thrilled with the fogloves.These three are by the pond and there are more around the garden. I grew them all from seed that my late brother in law, Graham, gave to me. That's one of the very special things about gardens isn't it...they can hold so many memories and as things grow they keep those memories alive. Every time Iook at the foxgloves I think of Graham.
By the way, the lawn was in need of a haircut when I took this (still is!) but I just haven't had time to get it done this week. There are also masses of that darned Mare's Tail weed everywhere too which I get courtesy of the fields that you can see in the background...a small price to pay for the views and the wildlife though.
All the roses are blooming now and I'm planning to plant more every year - as I've said before, David thought a garden should be filled with them, so that's what I'm doing. These are "Little Rambler" and are so dainty. They shade from palest pink right through to a deep rosy colour and the blooms just spring forth in masses - gorgeous.
The last picture is one of the flowers on the "Moment in Time" rose bush that I got in David's memory. It would have been his favourite as he loved red roses best of all. For some reason I find that my camera doesn't really like photographing reds and the details are always slightly lost (any ideas folks?), but you can still see what a lovely rose it is.
Well, I must away now to continue filling those bags for tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone!