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I'm a freelance artist, designer and demonstrator and have been involved in arts and craft my whole life in one way or another. I design stamps for top British company Personal Impressions, under the "Lindsay Mason Designs" brand, as well as papers, templates and other crafting products. I'm a certified Ranger Educator and my first book,"Stamping", was published in 2009. I also design regular projects for Crafts Beautiful magazine and have made guest appearances from time to time on QVC. I've recently joined You Tube under the name of LindsayMason1000 where I'm posting short technique videos and you can buy my paintings and hand crafted pieces from my Etsy shop. My work takes me all around the country demonstrating stamping, papercrafts and general inkiness! When I'm not working, I love gardening, church & community activities, nature watching, journalling, music and theatre and just relaxing at home. Email me at: ljm.design1@virginmedia.com

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Hello folks, especially those who have blamed me for hair loss, bags under eyes and furrowed brows after I posted my quiz! Don't forget to email me your answers by next Saturday night (9th)...I've had some already but I'm not saying anything about how many questions anyone has got right yet! I'll definitely be repeating the quiz idea though as quite a few people have requested more of the same. Coming up with new fiendish clues will give me something to do on my train journeys!

Meanwhile, here are some cards that I've been making for this Saturday's demonstration at A for Art in Chesterfield....this one uses stamps from Darkroom Door's Art de Fleur vol 2 as well as the MS punch all over the page butterfly. The ribbon is from the Tim Holtz Lavish Trimmings pack - it's a lovely soft, silky ribbon which has a real vintage feel. I dyed it using Colourwash Dyes and lots of water to tone the colour down. The soft background is Bundled Sage and Aged Mahogany gently blended over 300gsm card with the flower stamped in Bundled Sage. The next card has the gorgeous roses from the same trimmings pack, again spritzed with Colourwash dyes and water. Confession here: I had just enough of a length of the roses to fit down the card if I slightly stretched the backing mesh as I stuck them down. I got a bit carried away though, and somehow managed to rip them! So, I stuck the short length at the top and the longer piece at the bottom and added the sentiment over the gap! I preferred how it looked, so it was definitely one of those "happy accidents"! The butterflies are Darkroom Door stamped directly onto the card (covered with paper from a Lost and Found stash) and then identical images stamped and cut out from acetate were overlaid. I used some of the new Stickles colours on the bodies. I also used more papers and the MS Vintage Lace PATP edger and corner to add to the Victorian feel. If you'd like to see these cards more closely (and more besides of course!)do pop along to A for Art on Saturday. There are some pictures from Sunday's workshops on my computer, however, because I couldn't find my camera, David took them using a different one and I can't find where they are! Still, here are a few cards from the day.....this is one of the Steampunk cards that we were making. I have been trying to use different colour combinations than my usual favourites and really liked the orange and aqua tones of this one. The stamps are a combination of Tim Holtz and Andy Skinner. You can't see it here, but the background does have some Perfect Pearls Mists on it to give a subtle shimmer. The other Steampunk card was the one that made the class overrun by ooohhh, only about forty minutes! There was lots of cutting out of Grungeboard by hand...I loved the Ranger canvas that was one of the projects at Stitches this year, so decided to make a small version of a mannequin. The clock face should be hanging down, not bashing that poor chap on the head! Didn't realise till after I'd uploaded the picture that it was stuck behind his hat!

The next two cards were made by David who joined in the workshop this time! I think he's made a good job of them...note the artistic flicky pen border on this one!This one took him all day (and about a pint of Glossy Accents! In joke for the workshop ladies there!) as he was making it for Rena's birthday/retirement. Sorry about the chopped off piccie but this was kindly emailed over to me by Sheila as I didn't have a picture, and, for some reason, it decided to snip the picture. The funny thing about this card, which caused much hilarity, was that I had pre-stamped the words "Spread Your Wings" to save time for everyone. David chopped them into the three little panels to attach them to the card, but he mislaid the "wings" one. We searched everywhere but there was no sign and I had no spares. So, the card bears the message "Spread your"! Oh well, good thing Rena has a sense of humour! We had a lovely day and the workshops had a very calm (mostly!) yet fun feeling which ma de for a very creative time. After we'd finished David and I went to Rena and Stephen's house where they were holding a party to celbrate Rena's retirement and her forthcoming birthday on Tuesday. The house was full of family, friends and what seemed to be about 83 children (but was probably only eight!) having great fun both inside and in the garden. It was a lovely evening (check out Amy's blog for pictures of the amazing cake that Rena's sister Julie made) but I know that everyone will really miss seeing Rena at the shop.
I'll finish with a page from my journal that I did after my trip to Whitley Bay. I used Gesso and NeoColour pastels for the background. My lady doesn't look quite how I wanted her to, but the page does remind me of my paddling in that cold sea water, so I don't really mind! Well, that's all for the moment, but I'll be back soon with more pictures. Oh, by the way, you may possibly find one or two of the answers to the quiz in this latest post! Oh, what a tease I am!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Twenty Questions!

Hello all and sorry I haven't posted for a while...you know what it's like though! Anyway, by way of a change, and after chatting to my sister, Heather, on the phone yesterday, when we were discussing things to put onto our blogs, I decided I'd do a little quiz on here. There are twenty questions, all a bit (or a lot!) cryptic, and all with answers that are craft related.

Have a crack at them and, if you'd like the chance of little prize, send me your answers by email at ljm.design@ntlworld,com by Saturday 9th April. Whoever gets the most right answers will win, and if there is more than one person with them all right (or sharing the highest number) then David will draw one winner and I'll post the result - and answers! - on Sunday night. I hope you have fun with this, and that my clues aren't too tricky, or too easy! Good luck!

Okay, eyes down, look in!

1. This inky colour sounds like a tasty morning treat.

Spiced Marmalade distress ink

2. These could be a Top Cat's little card swaps.

ATC's (as in "TC" or "Top Cat" the cartoon character)

3. A little girl having a tantrum whilst crafting might be doing this!

Stamping - always seems to be a little girl thing that!

4. My own feelings are that this is a great UK company!

Personal Impressions - self explanatory!

5. Geordie, Glaswegian, Brummie and Cockney - they're all super shiny!

Glossy Accents...groan!

6. Don't get this ink in the wrong place....it does exactly what it says on the tin!

Stazon ( stays on......)

7. Open an Oyster and you might just find some unimproveable powder!

Perfect Pearls

8. You might think you could stick two paper handkerchiefs together with this.

Tissue Tape

9. This lady goes around, all over and along the edge.

Martha Stewart - as in her punch ranges

10. This paper stash had vanished but then it re-appeared!

Lost & Found by Tim Holtz

11. These tongue twisting American mountains come in lots of lovely colours.

Adirondacks....as in Adirondack ink pads, colourwash dyes etc - any spelling accepted!

12. Don't open this unless all the lights are off! You might ruin the stamps!

Darkroom Door (range of stamps)

13. You could ask this magical man to "Cut it out!"!!!

Wizard - die cutting machine

14. This could clearly be the answer to making a merger.

Wait for it.....BLENDING SOLUTION!!! I can hear the groans already!

15. Mr Pitt might come in handy to help you attach something.


16. Are these stamps designed by Superman, Spiderman and Batman?!

Hero Arts - honourable mention for Joanne here with "Stampers Anonymous" which was a

wrong, but great answer!

17. One of this iconic Star Trek race might stick to your rubber stamps!

Kling-On! (mounting sheets for unmounted rubber stamps)

18. A really, really small fastening tool.

Tiny Attacher - tiny stapler from Tim Holtz

19. This clue is transparent. Clearly it's a good stamping surface.


20. Don't keep this as a souvenir...use it on your stamps!

Memento - ink pads and pens

Well, there you go! I expect some of you will whizz through those clues and some of you might think "What on earth is she on about!" !!! I say that, because David finds cryptic clues totally nonsensical and I guess he won't be alone! Anyway, hope you have a bit of fun with them and don't forget to email me your answers - just put your answers in numbered order, and don't forget to check back on Sunday 10th to see if you've won! Lindsay

Monday, 21 March 2011

Paddling and Paper Cuts

Hello folks, hope everyone had a good weekend whatever you were doing. I had a lovely weekend which began on Friday when I travelled up to Whitley Bay in Tyneside for my demonstration the following day. It was a glorious day, vivid blue, cloudless skies, sunshine and a little breeze to keep things fresh. After I'd checked into my hotel I went for a long trawl around the town to do some window shopping - no luck with finding any "nicky nacky noos" for future Configuration boxes! After a few hours my feet were a bit sore as I had my boots on and it was really very warm. So, I set off in the opposite direction toward the prom. I had been really keen for a paddle and I just hoped that the tide would be out! As you can see, it was pretty much in and I stood for quite a while just watching the waves crashing in to the sea wall. I did try to capture the moment when the water exploded into white surf and, after I don't know how many snaps, this was the best I could do! Doesn't do justice to the height and power of some of the wave crashes that were quite spectacular. To the left of me was a ramp down to the beach and the sea was going out, so I made my way down to the sand. There were a few people walking along with their dogs which were enjoying the sea of course. I took off my boots and socks, rolled up my trousers and headed towards the water....crikey, it bwas freezing! The first wave nearly knocked me over, but, once I had managed to breathe again (!) the water was so refreshing and you can't beat the feeling of sand underfoot. I had a really long walk in and out of the water and then clambered onto some rocks at the edge of the beach where I sat, poured water over my tootsies to wash off the sand and put my socks and boots back on. My feet were tingling but all feeling of weariness had left them! I then had a wander around the beach side of town and decided to have a bit of fun in the arcade - well you have to don't you?! I set myself a limit and got a pile of 2p pieces....I only like the coin pushing machines! I managed to win two keyrings and a weird little angel before I ran out of coins!
Next day I was at Papercuts - A Slice of Imagination for their grand opening day. It was a busy old day and I must say hello to all the ladies (and some husbands) who came along - it was lovely to meet you all. Here are Joanne and her mum Shirley behind the counter, looking very happy mid way through their first day.And this is the shop front - it was such lovely weather that the door was open all day, and you can just see my demonstration table inside. The shop is in Roxburgh House, just beside the shopping arcade on Park Avenue.Here are just a couple of the cards that I made - I was focussing on Martha Stewart punches and Distress inks. This one has the very useful Infinity Loop on the left, the PATP is the Flowers CET (I call it the Pansy set!) and the large butterfly punch. Really simple card that I made on the day. Oh, please ignore the squished Liquid Pearl centres on the flowers - someone put another card on top of this one before they had set - oops! The stamped flowers were from the Wildflowers set from Darkroom Door, stamped in black onto gloss card and smudged with Mustard Seed Distress ink.This card has the same punches (except for the Loop) but I've used TH Vintage Shabby paper for the PATP mat. I'm really trying to use some different colours than my usual favourites as you can see! Very simple cards, but sometimes simple is best! Well, I must get on with work now. I am sorting everything out for my workshops at Topaz this coming Sunday. In the morning we'll be making Steampunk style cards in a two hour class. We'll be using new stamps from Tim Holtz and Andy Skinner who is a new designer for Personal Impressions. All the new PI stamps will be available very soon, but everyone on this Sunday's classes will be using pre production sets that I have in advance. The Steampunk cards are great for men or teens - two of the trickiest groups to make cards for! They will feature Top Hatted Victorians, watches, wings and....oh, all sorts of eclectic images! In the afternoon we will be making cards using my new designs. We'll be stamping onto book pages and using paints, pens, inks etc to create a range of cards in this three hour class. I just checked and there are some places still available if you would like to come along to join in the fun. Please contact Topaz direct on 01254 356501 if you'd like more information.
Meanwhile, I'm off to Hobbycraft in Chester on Saturday to join in their fifth anniversary celebrations. I'll be demonstrating Ranger products, MS punches and stamping, so do pop in if you're in the area. Right, I'd better press on! Have a good week everyone. Lindsay

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Punch drunk!

Sorry for the terrible post title...I can never resist a good (or do I mean bad?!) pun. I've been using new (and old) Martha Stewart punches the last couple of days, making samples for my demonstration up in Whitley Bay on Saturday. Never been there before, so I am looking forward to seeing the sea and maybe having a paddle! No pictures of my samples tonight as it got a little dark for taking photos when I finally got round to packing up and thinking about taking a few snaps. I'm taking my camera with me this weekend though, so will post some next time. All the other work that I've been busy with over the last couple of weeks is stuff I can't share yet, so no photos there either!
I'm going to be at a brand new store called Paper Cuts - a Slice of Imagination, which is situated in Roxburgh House on Park Avenue. Hope to see some of you there on Saturday. I'm travelling up there tomorrow, so can't wait to breathe in that sea air!
It really feels like Spring is here now....so many crocusses and daffs popping up in the garden, the sun beaming down and the Magpies are building a nest right across from our window. It's almost hard to believe that there is so much turmoil in Japan. It really does feel as though the Earth is fighting back with so many natural disasters as there have been lately. We all feel for the people in Japan and let's hope that the Nuclear disaster can be minimised for all our sakes.
A rather depressing note to finish this short post on, but I will sign off for now and be back after my trip to Whitley Bay. Lindsay

Monday, 14 March 2011

My best crafting buddy....

It's Monday and that means, not only the start of another week (where are they disappearing to?) but also it's Crafting Buddies day where we can share pictures and stories of our furred, feathered or scaly friends "helping" us to create! Pop over to http://craftingpets.blogspot.com/ to check out Joanne's site, see other little helpers or post a link to your own stories and pictures. So, here is my best ever crafting buddy, Cherry. Some of you will know that Cherry died in 2004 (can't quite believe it is so long ago now) so this picture is quite an old one and taken on my old, pre-digital camera - I've scanned these pictures in, so please excuse the poor quality. All of these images bring a mixture of emotions and memories flooding in, some that make me smile or laugh, and others that make me feel sad and tearful. The tears are the price we pay, of course, for embarking on a relationship with an animal...but they are a small price to pay for all that we gain in return.
So, here is Cherry, "helping" me by sitting plumb in the middle of my work table and deciding that I had done "quite enough for today thank you very much, now would you please concentrate on me again"! I can tell how many years ago this was taken as I can see that I have glass painting bits and pieces on the table - that dates it! It was obviously Summer too, as Cherry has my sunglasses perched on her head! It also reminds me of the time when I was working on an oil painting and Cherry was perched nearby, asleep. Cherry had epilepsy and, most often, her fitting came on whilst she was sleeping (as she grew older her fits got worse and she would sometimes have them whilst she was awake, which was much more distressing). Well, this day, she suddenly fitted and fell onto my pallette. Even though I moved fast, given that it can be tricky to lift an animal that is thrashing about, she was covered in every colour imaginable within a second or two. A call to the vet's told us to clean her fur with Swarfega and then rinse her off as best we could. Poor Cherry, she looked a sorry state for days after that, and she must have been the most colourful cat ever. Despite her condition, she was a tough little cookie! She was nervous with everyone except me and David, and we could do anything with her. She didn't worry about anything else as long as she had cuddles, love and food - especially crunchies! The most loving little character we have ever known, so gentle and sweet. I can recall, looking at this picture, the time where she sat on the floor beside my table, waiting patiently for me to finish so that she could snuggle up on the sofa with me....I moved my chair slightly and Cherry started to walk away. Oddly though, she only walked a step and then stopped abruptly. She moved again, made a little squeaking noise and then walked off. I looked down and saw a clump of white hairs under the leg of my chair! I had inadvertently caught the hairs on the tip of her tail and Cherry just tugged her tail out and left some fur behind! She was never one to complain! I have a feeling that, looking at this next picture, she had just been indulged with a few crunchies....Cherry lips! She really was a beautiful girl with her pure white fluffy coat, pink nose and lime yellow eyes. Even people who weren't fond of cats fell for Cherry.She even had her moment of fame in Hobbycraft! Years ago I used to demonstrate in their Stockport store as well as teaching workshops and hosting their childrens craft parties. I also helped when they were making the large design boards to go above their products. So I'd make up a board with samples of the products beneath as well as making something to show what could be done with them. When it came to the board for the Aida fabric and silk threads, I decided I'd do something a little different, and I did a display to show how you could make your own cross stitch pattern form a photograph using graph paper. I used black Aida and made my pattern from a photo of Cherry. I worked part of the design with embroidery threads as you can see in this picture. It was lovely to walk into the store and see Cherry looking out from that board! Of course, my "Cherry the cat" stamps were based on, and were my tribute to, her.The last picture I'd like to share with you is a very special one to me. In 2002 Cherry disappeared not once, not twice, but three times! The first time we lost her for a week and, eventually, one of our posters led to someone ringing to say they had seen her in their garden a day or two before. We found her nearby and thought that was the end of her adventures. Cherry would go from being content to stay inside for a week or two, and then she would want to go out and about for a day, sometimes coming back in the early hours. She usually came when I called her, or a two tone whistle would bring her running towards me with her characteristic slightly sideways gait and her tail curled like a question mark! Sometimes she liked to ignore me and stay out, but not that often.
She also came with us when we went over to housesit for mum and dad while they were on their annual hols. We'd enjoy the house for a fortnight and Cherry loved it there with a nice garden to enjoy, fields to explore (the horses didn't faze her!) and a conservatory to lie in. I had to put sunscreen on her ears with her being white! We never had a problem with her when we were there, she knew where we "lived" and she loved it. However, in 2002, she went out on the first day we arrived, for her usual exploratory walkabout, just to see if everything was as it was last time etc. This time though, she just didn't come back. We spent the whole fortnight searching, calling, putting up posters. Mum and dad came back and we had to come home without Cherry - it was terrible. A few days later, mum rang to say that someone had rung and thought they had seen her. We raced over and met the lady at a church where she had been seen. There was a little "tunnel" at the base of the church and, as soon as I called her, Cherry came running out! She had been hiding in there, kept fed on crumbs of sandwiches by the local children who had spotted her. She was quite some way from the house and we decided that she had followed a railway embankment that led to where the church was.
That, we thought, must be the end of her adventures! Oh no. In the Winter of the same year, she disappeared again! This time she was missing for three weeks, and I had just about given up hope. David spent every second he could walking and driving around, calling her and searching everywhere he could think. This time the posters brought no calls. I would go in a different direction every evening, calling and whistling. On the 18th December (I remember it so well) David picked me up from Hobbycraft where I had been demonstrating that day. I recall that he got cross with me because I was saying that she must have been run over or something equally awful. We decided to go looking again before we went home. We went down a road that backs onto a local MacDonald's - you can always smell the chips near there! There are lots of apartments down there. We drove down there with the windows open and I was whistling for her. Suddenly we both saw a flash of white near a low wall. We hardly dared to believe our eyes but I was out of the car like a shot and there she was...walking out from the driveway of some flats. She was shouting the whole time, I was crying and calling her name. She was so beside herself that she just kept walking along, me walking after her, her carrying on walking. I stopped walking, called her and she came charging to me. I whisked her up and got in the car and we drove home. I can still recall exactly how that moment felt....it was overwhelming. So the last photo is from that night, about ten minutes after we got home. Cherry was mucky, thin and smelly but she looked the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. She had a good drink, some food and then I snuggled her up, as you can see. Her purrs were the loudest I have ever heard from any cat - ever! You can imagine how ecstatic she was to be snug and warm and home after three weeks on the streets in December!
We realised that the epilepsy had damaged Cherry's homing instincts, so, unfortunately, she spent her last two years as a mostly indoor cat. Having always enjoyed her time outside, Cherry really missed her previous lifestyle, and it always saddens me to think that her last two years weren't as happy. But we gave her a good life. She had obviously been thrown out by her previous owner because of the difficulties having an epileptic cat involves. She found us and she knew we were the ones. That was it. No going back, we belonged to her.
I'm halfway through a book called "Dewey's Nine Lives", a follow up to the story of Dewey the library cat. He was found, dumped in the metal book repository of the library on a freezing night in Iowa. I'll end this looong post with a few lines (slightly precised) from this book which will strike a chord with anyone who is owned by an animal....
"There's a bond that is formed when you save an animal's life. It can happen with something as typical as rescuing a dog from the pound. For you, it is an exciting afternoon, but that dog knows he was trapped in a bad place and that you set him free. It happens with cats when you take them in, not just give them food until they refuse to go away, but bring them inside when they are sick or starving and make them a part of your life. Rescued animals never forget what you did for them. They cherish it. And unlike so many people who, no matter what you have done, find a way to turn their back on you, animals are forever grateful." (Vicki Myron)
How true, and how wonderful.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Cracking on

Doesn't it feel good when you are cracking on with things and they are coming together? Well, I am on a roll with my latest drawings and have (wait for this Sheila!) actually started my pages for Sheila's grungy book swap. I have completed two, so only ten more to go! Never mind, at least I have made start. I've actually done two and a bit, as I have created a background for a third page as well.
I have been working on drawings for the last few days and, late this afternoon, I decided that I needed a break from them. Just doing nothing would have made me feel very guilty, so doing a couple of the pages was a good option.
It's been a quiet few days at home and I haven't been out since last weekend, except to the supermarket with David last night. It is nice to just stay in and pull up the drawbridge sometimes! I had a sudden urge for a bowl of soup and some crusty bread for dinner yesterday, so I chose a carton of New Covent Garden fresh Plum Tomato and Basil. I do recommend you try a bowl of this, as it was truly delicious and filling. I asked David to get me another for tonight, but they had sold out, so he picked another of their range...Jamaican jerk with Sweet Potato. Having read the ingredients, including tomato, coconut and nutmeg, I am looking forward to it. I'll let you know if it's any good!
Here are a few more of my new stamp releases...the first two are from my Fairy Silhouette series, and you may have seen these on QVC as they were released on there first. They will be available in craft stores within the next few weeks. This first one is called "Magic Happens" (PICSA6134)..... .....and next is "Crystal Ball Fairy" (PICSA6137). They will, hopefully, be availbale from around the 23rd of this month, but don't quote me on that! I have posted samples made from these in an earlier post, so, if you scroll back you can take a look at those and see how the images look when stamped up. The last picture is of one of my Mother's day sets, which is called "Mum is the Heart..." (PICSA6211) and should be available from the 17th March. Of course, it doesn't only have to be for Mother's Day itself, but would equally suit a mum's birthday, or, even nicer I think, just a card to say thanks, or hello. Well, not a long post tonight and there is a bowl of soup with my name on it that is calling to me now, so I shall bid everyone goodnight and hope you all have a lovely, relaxing evening. Oh, just to say, the fairy card samples are in my September 2010 posts under the heading "Fairyland".

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Drawing pains!

Well, it's a lovely sunny day here, so hope the weather's good where you are. It should be a great day for drawing, but, for some reason, my back has decided to twinge rather nastily, so I am struggling somewhat. If I stay in the same position for too long it starts to get painful, so I am a bit too wriggly for concentrating on detailed work! Still, work has to be done, so I will have to press on. No idea why my back is suddenly being gyppy, but guess I probably just slept in one position for too long. Moan over!
It was a really fun day on Saturday at Topaz. Everyone was in a quite frivolous mood as you can see in both of these pictures. Amy.........and Sheila! Both showing what they think of having their photos taken - charming! Everyone else, as you can see, was hard at work making their easter cards! Sheila is such good company on the workshops, always ready to have some fun and she does keep us in stitches!Here's a picture of the afternoon's workshop where the ladies were all decorating and filling Sahdow Boxes. There's me, floating about with the tin of alcohol inks for the ladies to colour silver keys to make them look more aged. Lots of concentration going on here!And look who turned up and tried to pinch my Ranger workshop canvasses! Terry has lost so much weight now that he can't hide as much stash now as he used to..... ....so it looks like Joanne will fail in her attempt to get him to pocket the third canvass! Lol! In case you don't know, Terry "pinching" my stash is a regular episode when we see each other - and he really isn't a criminal - honest!
Well, this was just a quickie post to say hello while I'm just having my coffee break. So, back to work now! Lindsay
PS if you fancy having a fun day with me at Topaz, do check out my next workshop dates on the left.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Tomorrow's workshop's

Hello folks, I've just finished packing up the things for tomorrow's workshops at Dawn's Design Studio. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and I know that we'll have a fun day! In the morning we'll be making Easter cards, so the cardstock and paper, the stamps, punches and ribbon have all been measured, cut, sorted, bagged and put into a box in the car.
In the afternoon we'll be making Shadow boxes and I have a huge box with all the plain Configuration boxes in it ready for turning into works of art! There is also a bag full of mini treasures for everyone to dip into - however, if you are coming along to this workshop, please do bring a few of your own special bits and pieces that you may like to use.....if you don't have any though - don't panic!
Unfortunately we've had to cancel Sunday's classes, due to unforseen circumstances, so many apologies to those who were booked on those and I hope you will be able to come along to the next ones.
I'll post pictures of tomorrow's class as David (Bailey) will be with me, camera at the ready!
So, have a great weekend everyone and enjoy whatever you get up to. Lindsay