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Monday, 20 May 2013

Wish him luck...

Thomas that is. He's off to the vet's in the morning to see why he's moping about and off his food. I've got fingers and toes crossed that he's got a rotten tooth, so he can be sorted out and feel better quite quickly. I'm just hoping that it's nothing more serious, or even "just" a psychological thing. I know he doesn't like it when I have to be away from home - my neighbour popping in to look after them just doesn't cut it for Thomas! Anyway, I will let you know how we get on.
It was a very noisy afternoon here....I did take a video to share with you, but, unfortunately, it was only after the fact that I realised I hadn't charged my camera and it had stopped filming after a couple of seconds! The noise was coming from a Jet fighter that was roaring around the skies and kept coming in quite low so I got some great views of it - and some great shots if I had charge the camera of course!
Tara was very unnerved by it all and kept scuttling under the furniture, but Thomas took it all in his stride...
 ....as you can see! He does look so mopey though, bless him.
I've been hearing the pheasant in the fields a lot lately, but my neighbour and I both said we hadn't seen him very much. This afternoon though, and after charging my camera (thankfully) I looked up from the table in my Doo Lally room and saw him slowly walking down the middle of the road! I went to get the camera and when I came back I saw he'd gone into the garden of the house across the road where he'd met up with his lady friend.....
 ....hopefully you can make her out - she's the small, dull brown one! They spent some time scratching and pecking about before they both took off back to the field with several very harsh screeches! I do see some interesting things around here!
All of which slightly distracted me from my work, but I took this snap of one of my cards before the light started to fade too much.
It's just a simple collage style to show some of the stamps that I'm using on next Saturday's demonstration at Brigg garden centre...well they had to have some gardening stamps didn't they?! These are Crafty Impressions ones and I've used one of my favourite colour combinations of the moment - Spiced Marmalade and Evergreen Bough/Peacock Feathers. Well, it makes a change from my usual purple and blues! 
I got yesterday's project done and it's all parcelled up for posting tomorrow - hooray! Another thing to tick off my list.
Well, I'd better get ready for bed now. Tara is keeping me company on the sofa - she's washing herself and doing that thing that makes me laugh where she doesn't seem to know where she stops and I start as she keeps washing me too! Thomas is outside but he'll be ready to come in now and will be purring away happily beside me all night. Heather is coming round in the morning to drive us up to the vet's - I'm guessing that Tara will be thrilled to see Thomas going off in the carry case...."at last, he's leaving, hoorah!"!!!
Right, time for bed and I'll be sure to pop back on here tomorrow to let you know how he gets on.


She King said...

Morning Lindsay. Good luck with Thomas today, I shall be thinking of you. XXX Love your card, lovely colours. The Pheasant is beautiful, why though are the females, as in a lot of cases with birds and animals so dull in comparison??? Say 'hi' to Heather from me too... Lots of love S xxx

Kimbo said...

Sending hugs for Thomas - I do hope it is something easily sorted. The pheasants look lovely - we have to red legged partridges that visit our garden most morning - I need to get my camera out x

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed Thomas can be sorted out easily and he will be back to his happy self soon.

Love your card and the new favourite colour combination - really lovely.

Christina xx A Maze of Memories

Diane said...

Reall, really hope things go well at vets Lindsay !! Sending big hus for Thomas !!

Diane xx

Diane said...

That should say BIG HUGS !!

Hazel (Didos) said...

Ah I hope Thomas gets on ok. My Jess gets like that and its cause she needs her teeth cleaned. Beleive it or not she lets me pick the tartar off for her. She doesnt do vets!! (Total nightmare stresswise for her so try to only go as a last resort!)Her teeth are so old now though but then she is 14!!
Love the card its so pretty,

Love Hazelxox