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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mid breakfast post

Morning everyone, I'm just having my breakfast and first coffee of the day so am taking the chance to sign in and say hello. I've got a lot to get done before bed time tonight, so I was up and working very early to get ahead of myself. The tummy rumbles got rather distracting, reminding me to stop and fuel up before carrying on!
I'm finishing my second Doo Lally sweatshirt this morning before I crack on with the "up against a deadline" project. I took a snap of the work in progress a few minutes ago....
 .....she does look a little weird with the white eyeballs at the moment! I have to complete Princess Tippy Toes and then add all the little extra decorative motifs over the sleeves and front of the sweatshirt. It looks quite peachy here, but it's actually a rather snazzy day glo orange! I'll take a picture of the finished garment later. 
A quick update on my little (big) soldier now. He had a full sachet of cat food yesterday evening, followed by his tablet powdered into evaporated milk, which he lapped up very happily. Later he was following me round in the kitchen so I gave him another sachet of food which he also ate, followed by some cat biccies! What a relief to see him eating and enjoying his food! He sat under my bench in the Doo Lally room last night, laid his head on my foot and purred away happily...obviously feeling relieved of the throbbing pain he must have had in his mouth. Whatever was in the jab he had has really perked him up.This morning he ate his breakfast quite happily followed by his medication - even scraping up a few stray grains of the pink powder off the plate!
Well, I'm off back to the Doo Lally sweatshirt in the Doo Lally room now! Oh, I forgot to say...I have glitter So Soft fabric paint now as well, so I'm going to be adding some sparkly touches here and there. Talk about going over the top - day glo and glitter!


pearshapedcrafting said...

Wooo! Dayglo eh! She looks lovely already! Glad to hear that Mr Thomas is eating again! Hope you have a productive day! Chrisx

Anonymous said...

I have never tried stamping on fabric ..watching with interest the progress of the project.
Pleased to hear Thomas is eating again!
Christina xx
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