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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tablets for tabbies!

Just a quick post to let you know how Thomas got on at the vets this morning. He was very well behaved, going into the carry case with hardly any complaint and he sat in the back of the car with me with his paws through the grille of the box all the way there. He didn't complain at all and just looked a little puzzled!
He wasn't so sure about the smells and sounds once he got into the reception area, but he didn't make a fuss. Once in the surgery he had to be coaxed out but he let the vet look at his mouth and his teeth look pretty reasonable. I was hoping there'd be a black tooth ready for pulling out so he'd feel better very quickly!
However, the gums at the back corners of his mouth were very red and swollen and, going by his reaction, painful. The vet said that, as it was on both sides (more on one) it was most likely to be an infection so he's had a jab and is now on a course of antibiotics.
Of course, it's up to me to get the pills inside him! One and a half of them twice a day and, of course, I am going to be away for some of the ten days that he has to take them. We decided to give it a try as soon as we got back and I sat him on my lap with no great sense of optimism! No chance! His teeth may as well have been superglued together! He did a final Sabre Toothed Tiger impersonation and leaped off my knee.
Mmmmm, another tactic had to be worked out. So, the pills were ground onto a saucer and stirred into a little evaporated milk - success! He lapped up the milk and every bit of powder. Whew!
I realise that the rich evaporated milk is not good for him, but as a temporary measure to get the medicine into him it will  do the job. I couldn't very well ask my poor neighbour to risk life and limb (well...finger!) while I'm away, but this way it's do-able. Heather said she'd come and do it if needs be, but I think it'll be fine.
So, I'm really hoping that he is soon on the mend, though it may take a while to wean him back onto eating properly till he twigs that it doesn't hurt anymore!
Many thanks for all the good wishes and Thomas says "mmmmwwwwweeeayy mmmmeeeaaaaoowow" too!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the medication regime! Let's hope it does the trick.
Christina xx A Maze of Memories

pearshapedcrafting said...

I've been keeping track but in the land of in and out connectivity, home now(for a few days!) so can say 'hope the tablets work' - great trying to get tablets into cats isn't it? Chrisxx

Diane said...

Glad noboby is worse off in going to the vets and hope the tablets and evaop milk do the trick Lindsay !!

Give him a cuddle from me and Tara for putting up with him !!

hugs Diane xx

Lindsay Mason said...

Thnaks ladies...he's eaten a full sachet (100gms) of cat food this evening and he's now curled up asleep! Hopefully it's the start of him feeling much happier - bless him!
Lindsay x x x

Lindsay Mason said...

or even "thanks"....LOL!

She King said...

Hi Lindsay, I'm so glad it wasn't any worse....don't envy you trying to get tablets down...but at least he had the milk. So glad that he's managed something to eat too. Hopefully he'll soon be on the mend. It must be a load off your mind. Take care, I'll be in touch. Much love S xxx

Hazel (Didos) said...

Ah so glad its just his gummys, Poor Love, he will realise soon that hes on the mend, Love Hazelxo

Artyjen said...

He will surely be recovered real soon. There is a knack to getting those tablets into a cat...it usually means more than 1 set of hands!!! LOL
xoxo Sioux

christinaglitter said...

Good to know Thomas going to be ok l use have trouble giving my two their tabs the only way l could get the tabs in them was crush tabs and wrap into ham which worked trouble was they wanted more ham take care xx