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I'm a freelance artist, designer and demonstrator and have been involved in arts and craft my whole life in one way or another. I design stamps for top British company Personal Impressions, under the "Lindsay Mason Designs" brand, as well as papers, templates and other crafting products. I'm a certified Ranger Educator and my first book,"Stamping", was published in 2009. I also design regular projects for Crafts Beautiful magazine and have made guest appearances from time to time on QVC. I've recently joined You Tube under the name of LindsayMason1000 where I'm posting short technique videos and you can buy my paintings and hand crafted pieces from my Etsy shop. My work takes me all around the country demonstrating stamping, papercrafts and general inkiness! When I'm not working, I love gardening, church & community activities, nature watching, journalling, music and theatre and just relaxing at home. Email me at: ljm.design1@virginmedia.com

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

20,000 mark Blog Candy

Hello everyone and, as promised, as soon as my visitor counter hit 20,000 I added some Blog Candy, details of which will stay up on the left until 1st August when I'll write everyone's name onto pieces of paper and David will randomly pick the winner. Just leave a comment before 1st August to be in with a chance, and, if you are able to, please add a link on your own blog. There are two of my clear stamp sets: Zoo Animals and Count My Blessings, two of my unmounted rubber stamp sets: Christmas Season and Christmas Days and one of my wooden stamps: Special Delivery. Also some Magic Mesh in pink, a fabulous Just Glitter pen in gold, a Versafine ink cube in Deep Lagoon, a Ranger Antiquities Frosted Crystal embossing powder, a pack of Wacky Tac repositionable adhesive dots, twenty assorted 12" x 12" papers and (no idea where this came from!) a decoupage kit of a Pansy Basket.
This morning I woke up, always a good start (!) and, bizarrely, an image of a painting that I love came into my head. I was going to share it with you on here, but I cannot find it anywhere on the web. It is simply called "Off!" and it's a Victorian painting depicting a young woman on a park bench looking down at her discarded ring as her young man walks away. It's a small picture which hangs in Manchester City art gallery, but I can't recall the artist's name - which is shocking! I love the fact that there is so much detail and you can look into it and imagine the story behind the painting. If anyone finds an image of it, please email it to me!
It made me think that it would be quite interesting to recall some paintings and drawings that have made an impact on me down the years. The picture on the left is by Alphonse Mucha and posters and cards of his work adorned my teenage bedroom! I've always adored the sinuous lines of Art Nouveau in it's various forms, whether in advertising posters, vases, frames or whatever.

The next painting is called "Shadow of Death" by Holman Hunt, and is also in Manchester Gallery which houses a wonderful collection of Pre Raphaelite work, another of my favourite genres with the incredible colours and detail. This painting always fascinated me. It's a huge painting which has a heart stopping impact when seen in "real life". It shows Mary's horror at seeing Jesus's shadow against the carpentery workshop wall. A wonderful painting.

This beautiful picture is by one of my all time favourite artists named John Atkinson Grimshaw. His atmospheric street scenes, landscapes and townscapes are bursting with mystery and untold stories and just fire the imagination. Gorgeous!

The drawing on the right is one of the many brilliant works by M.C. Escher who totally fascinated me when I was a little girl! He specialised in impossible perspective and optical tricks within his works, which really appeal to my love of cryptic puzzles.

My last choice is a painting called "Flight of Fancy" by a modern Polish artist called Bohuslav Barlow, whose work I first saw at a Manchester Academy exhibition. Here is a modern artist whose work I would collect if I had the money and the space!! He uses lots of strange imagery of puppets, dogs, figures, scarecrows etc, all painted with great skill and imagination. The dreamlike quality of his paintings is what appeals to me. By the way, I should say that the word across the picture is not part of the painting, but it has a copyright over it! Well, I hope that you enjoyed looking at a small selection of my favourite paintings - I'd be interested to know which have made an impression on you down the years.

Meanwhile, don't forget to "be in it to win it" by leaving a comment! Lindsay


Happy Days said...

Thanks for offering the chance to win this fab candy. I've linked you in my sidebar. x

sarah said...

what a great blog candy prize.
i would love to be in it to win it please
sarah x

kerry woodward said...

would love to win your blog candy-it looks amazing
kerry x

Clare H said...

Interesting mix of paintings!!


Lynn said...

Thanks for the chance to win your great blog candy. Not sure which paintings have made an impression on me ... I'll have to have a think about it.

Lynn x

cathinka said...

Hello, Lindsay, you took me back to when my son was 8yrs old (he's 30 now!) and we saw an Escher drawing of a hand drawing a hand- rather like the lizards you have in here- and he wanted to buy it. It was a wood mounted copy at a museum (forgotten which), and so he had it as his 'fairing'. I always let him have a 'fairing' (small souvenir) from our trips to museums and galleries, but his choice was a bit surprising to me, as the hand could look a bit frightening; his friends didn't like it when they came to stay, and so we duly devloped a ritual for "taking The Hand in hand in Mummy's hand" (8yr old word play)as I removed it for the duration. When his friends had gone, we did a reverse wordplay to put it back on the wall, which was often a funny wordplay spiralling into silliness..
Now, my son's an off-and-online editor specialising in greenscreen/computer animation/special effects/filming/editing all sorts of film- and you've reminded me of his early propensity for art, and how it is created/shown...Thank you.
On another level, it's interesting to see some of the art surrounding you in your earlier years; the long view of the misty night in one of your favourite images reminds me of the amazing sky scenes/effects you create for cards, and shows how difficult it is to do- another instance of your talent!
(and can you enter me for the blog candy, too, please? Thanks)
Thankyou for the trip down memory lane- am emailimg my son to remind him of 'The Hand'- think he's still got it...and is the lady gazing at the ring an Aubrey Beardsley? Just a thought-

angie's blogspot said...

thanks for a chance to Lindsay, hope your well,
Angie x

Debsg said...

Fab blog candy.

Joanne said...

Well Lindsay, I have thought and thought which paintings have caught my eye over the years, but am afraid I am no expert. However, I have been fortunate to visit the Louvre and stood for ages, mesmerised by the Mona Lisa. It really is true that her (his???) eyes follow you. But, I loved some of the watercolours that my dad painted, especially the country scenes and tall ships. Sadly, none have survived the years. Your blog is always linked in my sidebar and will continue to be so 'cos I love your work and musings.
Luv Joanne xx

Emma-Jayne said...

What a very generous giveaway.
The painting called OFF! is by Edmund Blair Leighton. At least I think it's the one that you mean. painted in 1890's. It is a lovely painting.
I would love to try my luck in your giveaway thank you x

Helena said...

What an interesting p0st! I know that Shadow of Death painting, but can't rememeber where from. Also, the Escher. I love his prints and can stare at one for ages :)

One painting I've never forgotten is the one of Ophelia by Millais(? I think) I was really surprised when I saw it in the Tate, as it is quite small, and I always think famous paintings are going to be huge.

Any way.... wonderful, generous candy! And you are already linked on my blog, in my list of great arty blogs to visit :)

ytramm said...

lindsay - thank you for the chance to win those delicious goodies. unfortunately i do not have a blog of my own yet but am working on it. keep the art and news coming. best wishes, yvonne xx

madalison said...

Hi Linsay, I would love a chance to win your blog candy, such a treat. Just wanted to add a thank you for your beautiful rubber stamps the other week on QVC's TSV. I have shocked myself because the one character I have used most above all others is the frog-the shock is I HATE frogs, they terrify me! Perhaps you have started to cure me of my fear?! He is gorgeous, as so adaptable, love love love him, thank you...
MadAlisonK from the Wirral xx

She said...

Hi Lindsay, what great blog candy! Thank you for giving us the chance to win it. I love reading your thoughts on Art - I'm definatley no expert, but I love Art Nouveau and I'm with Joanne, I love The Louvre and the Mona Lisa. I have you linked on my blog, but will post a piccy! Looking forward to next week. Love S xxxx

beverley said...

Hi Lyndsey, Congratulations on 20,000 hits. Generous blog candy. I do not have a blog but I would love the chance to win. Thanx Bev

Janice said...

Thanks so much for the chance to win this fabulous blog candy. I love reading your blog Lindsay, you are so talented and inspire us all!

elaine said...

What a fab blog candy and would love to be in with the chance of winning.
Wish I could make the demo
Take care Elaine x

Guilly said...

I logged in to try and win some blog candy (which is wonderful btw and thank you for just a chance) and I became engrossed. Your blog is the best I have ever read and I just adore the paintings
wishing you well

Paula said...

What a fab candy giveaway Lindsay. Ive put a picture link on my side bar and thanks again for the chance to win.

Hugs Paula.

Hazel (Didos) said...

Golly meant to comment sooner but its our school holidays! Explains everything!!! LOL Love the Candy it looks super, thanks for the chance to win it. Hazelxox

Emma said...

Hi Lindsay,

It was great to meet you today, loved the samples and techniques! As soon as I got home all my white organza ribbon magically became multicoloured!!


linziloo said...

Thanks Lindsay for offering this blog candy it fan-dab-i-dozi.
I will try to add you to my side bar but i'm not very technical..lol
Lindsey x

Lillian Child said...

What fabulous and generous blog candy! Thanks so much for the chance to win. I'm new to your blog, but have signed up as a follower. Love the streetscape painting! Have you ever seen the photography by The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) - some of her pics are really outstanding and would make fabulous wallart.

witchwoopiggy said...

oooo lovely candy, please can i join in , thank you
witchwoopiggy x

Art Girl said...

I wanna win, i wanna win!!
i hope i win

xx sarah

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Fantastic blog candy, thanks for offering it and being so generous! It definitely goes on my sidebar candy jar Here

cdp said...

What a wonderful blog candy prize

Fata Azzurra said...

Thanks for the candy, you are on my sidebar: http://scrapandcard.blogspot.com/

bernietom47 said...

You have the most unique blog I've ever stumbled across. Sadly I don’t know the first thing about art but I’ve always been fascinated but M.C. Escher’s work. As my son loves he work as well. I have purchased several Escher prints which hang in his office.
BTW your cards are beautiful.
Thanks for the opportunity to win your amazing candy.
Hugs & Blessings

pausina said...

Very nice blog ... and of course the Candy is wonderful! Thank you for giving us such a chance!! (i don't know if i have a chance too ... being in italy)
Anyway ... I'm trying to link you in my blog ...

Anna from Italy

Skrapbuker said...

Hiya, Amazing blog candy. Thank you for a chance to win.

I've shared this on the right side of my blog (work in progress) as well (sorted by due date) - http://skrapbuker.iblogger.org/

Thanks again!!

Agus :) said...

Hi Lindsay!, lovely blog candy!! thanks for the chance to win :) I have linked your candy on my sidebar!
Fingers Crossed!

Rosa-kreattiva said...

Thanks for a chance to win your yummy blog candy!
sorry for my english spero di vincere un saluto dall'Italia bye bye rosa
public slidebar on http://blogcandymania.blogspot.com/
Hugs, rosa
blog creative: http://kreattiva.blogspot.com/

Ukka said...

Your candy just awesome! Thanks and thanks for the chance to win! I really want to be the lucky winner. Linked candy on my sidebar and I'm your follower.

sequin said...

Thanks for the chance! Wonderful candy!

Angie said...

Oooh lovely candy, would love to win it!! Thanks very much xxxx

Алена said...

О, как здорово! прекрасная возможность! спасибо!

Tsky said...

thanks for a chance