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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A stubborn door and a beautiful song

I had a few tears today - once because the washing machine decided to do its occasional trick of refusing to let me open the door. It does this from time to time and David always used to sort it out when it played up. Today however, I had to sort it myself and I couldn't remember what he used to do. So, I set the washing cycle off again and tried again when it had finished - nothing. It was still holding onto the clothes.
After another wash cycle and still no way of opening the door, I admit that I sat on the floor and cried in frustration after quite a bit of shouting and hitting the stupid machine! Anyway, after the fourth complete wash I was finally able to open the door and take out the ultra clean contents. David's wizardry with anything mechanical or technical is just one more thing that I miss.
The other tears were produced when I listened to the song "Till I hear you sing" - video clip above. (I amazed myself by finally managing to upload it to here - thanks for your advice Jan) It's from the sequel to Phantom of the Opera called Love Never Dies, and I admit that I didn't know there had been a sequel. Anyway, the singer is Ramin Karimloo who has a beautiful voice and invests so much emotion into the words.
David was a wonderful tenor and he used to sing to me, so this song, which I had never heard before, really touched my heart.

PS I'm sorry about the ads on the video, but I couldn't get them off when I uploaded it.


pearshapedcrafting said...

Glad you did it in the end! I'm sure David would have smiled and said "See!" when you finally opened that darn door! Loved that video btw. Take care and hope that tomorrow is brighter, hugs, Chrisxx

Anonymous said...

I always rely on my hubby for the technical "stuff" too! How frustrating for you, but your post made me realise I need to appreciate all those little things he does for me a bit more!
I saw the musical in the west end. It was such a shame it closed down as I thought it was brilliant, and very moving.
Christina xx A Maze of Memories

Redanne said...

The video is lovely and well done for loading it - now that's something I could never do! Nothing like a good shout and a few tears to rid you of frustration and you succeeded in the end - well done on that front too. Must be so hard for you but you will get there in the end and David will be watching over you I am sure. Extra big crafty hugs, Anne x

Artyjen said...

Oh dear...I'm weeping with you! Such a wonderful song and voice. It's the little things that just make you want to punch something!!! I'm still cursing Pip for leaving me to try to fold up the bed sheets on my own!!! LOL
Take care and sending hugs your way
xoxo Sioux