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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Quiz number two!

Okay, after the success of the last quiz, it's time for the second one. Once again there will be a prize for the person who gets the most answers right and if there is a tie, David will draw the winner.

Thanks to Carole, winner of the first quiz, for emailing to let me know I had a couple of mistakes in my anagrams! Whooops! I can only apologise and say that I was trying to get the quiz up as quickly as I could in a short time scale! So, please see questions 3 and 10 for amended anagrams! I know, as if it wasn't hard enough already!

This quiz is a little different from the last one in fairness to those who hate full on cryptic clues! So, I have created anagrams of the answers as well as a clue (some trickier than others) which I hope will make things a little easier without spoiling the fun. The anagrams are in uppercase and the may be one word or more. All the answers are products from Ranger or Tim Holtz's own ranges, and all of them can be found on Personal Impressions website ( http://www.personalimpressions.com/ ) if you need some nudging!

Please email me your answers by Tuesday 3rd May - I will announce the winner and answers on Wednesday 4th. Good luck!

1. KIND SISTERS - 36 scrummy colours DISTRESS INK

2. COWARDLY HOUSES - you may want to wear gloves when spraying these! COLOURWASH DYES


4. A SCHOOL LINK - tipsy colours! ALCOHOL INKS

5. PETER CLAPS REF - iridescent shimmer PERFECT PEARLS


7. PALLID SQUIRE - these could be piped round one's neck! LIQUID PEARLS

8. ASSIST SID'S RENT - a new way to ink! DISTRESS STAINS

9. DAMMIT MULE - MUTE IT! - not a shiny adhesive MULTI MATTE MEDIUM

10. DARN - NO STEM! - lovely embellishments ADORNMENTS

11. RUGGED BARON - grey, but not boring! GRUNGEBOARD

12. PETAL QUEST - numbered signs PLAQUETTES

13. FREE ARMY MOMS - attractive aide memoires MEMORY FRAMES


15. DIG TEA CASKET - perforated word labels ADAGE TICKETS

16. DOT CARD TWICE - a full room at the top CROWDED ATTIC

17. VISCERAL GASKETS - reclaimed cardstock embellishments SALVAGE STICKERS

18. LACKED VISOR - fill them with potions! CORKED VIALS

19. LIPPY SOOTHS HAG - these are engraved with words PHILOSOPHY TAGS

20. SCALD OLDER TURF - these little ladies are 'armless FRACTURED DOLLS

21. EMPTIES ICE - look, no hands! TIMEPIECES

22. ROGER'S PACKETS - metal Steampunk lovelies SPROCKET GEARS

Just discovered I somehow did 22 questions - oh well! My top tip is to write the anagram letters in a circle - helps to see the letters in no particular order!
Good luck all!


Joanne said...

Can we please have another go at the last ones, I think I know the answers to them now???
PS David, will you please take that pen and paper off your wife?? Many thanks

Hugs Joanne xx

SusieJ said...

Ah, exercise for the brain over the weekend! Love it!
Hugs xx

jordiegirl said...

Oh dear, I preferred the cryptic clues! Finding this one harder!!!!