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I'm a freelance artist, designer and demonstrator and have been involved in arts and craft my whole life in one way or another. I design stamps for top British company Personal Impressions, under the "Lindsay Mason Designs" brand, as well as papers, templates and other crafting products. I'm a certified Ranger Educator and my first book,"Stamping", was published in 2009. I also design regular projects for Crafts Beautiful magazine and have made guest appearances from time to time on QVC. I've recently joined You Tube under the name of LindsayMason1000 where I'm posting short technique videos and you can buy my paintings and hand crafted pieces from my Etsy shop. My work takes me all around the country demonstrating stamping, papercrafts and general inkiness! When I'm not working, I love gardening, church & community activities, nature watching, journalling, music and theatre and just relaxing at home. Email me at: ljm.design1@virginmedia.com

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Drawing pains!

Well, it's a lovely sunny day here, so hope the weather's good where you are. It should be a great day for drawing, but, for some reason, my back has decided to twinge rather nastily, so I am struggling somewhat. If I stay in the same position for too long it starts to get painful, so I am a bit too wriggly for concentrating on detailed work! Still, work has to be done, so I will have to press on. No idea why my back is suddenly being gyppy, but guess I probably just slept in one position for too long. Moan over!
It was a really fun day on Saturday at Topaz. Everyone was in a quite frivolous mood as you can see in both of these pictures. Amy.........and Sheila! Both showing what they think of having their photos taken - charming! Everyone else, as you can see, was hard at work making their easter cards! Sheila is such good company on the workshops, always ready to have some fun and she does keep us in stitches!Here's a picture of the afternoon's workshop where the ladies were all decorating and filling Sahdow Boxes. There's me, floating about with the tin of alcohol inks for the ladies to colour silver keys to make them look more aged. Lots of concentration going on here!And look who turned up and tried to pinch my Ranger workshop canvasses! Terry has lost so much weight now that he can't hide as much stash now as he used to..... ....so it looks like Joanne will fail in her attempt to get him to pocket the third canvass! Lol! In case you don't know, Terry "pinching" my stash is a regular episode when we see each other - and he really isn't a criminal - honest!
Well, this was just a quickie post to say hello while I'm just having my coffee break. So, back to work now! Lindsay
PS if you fancy having a fun day with me at Topaz, do check out my next workshop dates on the left.


Amy Shaw said...

What a lovely photo of me!! Thanks for that Mason!
Had a fab day with you too - always love having you around and David of course! Lol!

She said...

Hi Lindsay....me and Amy do look good in the photos don't we?? *waves* to Amy :-) Loved my day, thank you. Can't wait for the next one. See you soon. Lots of love to you and big XXX to David (Bailey!!) S xxx

She said...

I don't know if that's quite English Lindsay.....perhaps it should be 'Amy and I'!!!! Love S xx