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Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Hello folks, sorry to have been awol for a couple of weeks, and thank you for the emails that I received from several people asking if I was okay - it was very thoughtful. I've been caught up with various things, including getting the kitchen floor and washing machine fixed as well as feeling a bit low, but am okay. Everyone seems to be really busy and running out of time to get things done...it's almost like Christmas has suddenly loomed large and fitting everything in requires some juggling.
Having the kitchen problems sorted out at last is a real weight off my mind though as I was literally standing on lino with no floorboard under it when I was washing up! The washing machine pipes that had been slowly leaking have been replaced and the floor is now solid beneath my feet. I'm hopeful that the intermittent "door not opening" problem will have resolved now too as it seems the leaks were fooling the machine into thinking it hadn't emptied. So, one major job done and with very little mess too.
I've sent all my Christmas cards off - and apologies to those who I have no address for. Thomas was doing his best to help me finish a few last week, though he was more of a hindrance if truth be told.....
 .....bless him!
I spent last Saturday putting decorations up which gave me a bit of a lift - and took ages! Thomas has completely ignored all the tinsel, the trees and fairy lights, but Tara has been quite fascinated by them - far more than last year. I have had to keep a bit of an eye on her.....
  .....she has been sitting on the back of the armchair gazing at the baubles as if she might launch herself into the tree branches at any second! In this picture she just looks as if she's wearing a bauble on her head though!
Yesterday was the day that I finally felt as if everything has been done that needs to be done as it were. I had a surprise visit from one of my best friends whose timing was perfect as the plumber had finished and left half an hour before. So we were able to have a good catch up and some hugs of course. Later in the afternoon I got the bus into Blackpool and met my sister, Heather, for a wander around the shops prior to our night at the Grand Theatre. We went to Nandos for dinner before the concert - neither of us had been to one of their restaurants before and we really enjoyed both the food and the excellent service...we were really looked after and one of the waiters gave us a bag containing a selection of all their sauces to take home!
We then made our way into the theatre for a carol concert by Poulton-Le-Fylde band. There was a really bizarre twist to the evening too. One of the ladies at church had mentioned going to the concert and I'd said that I was also going. Heather commented that I might spot her but I doubted I would. How very odd that we were sat at the end of an empty row when Debbie (and several other people from church) all trouped onto our row and sat right next to us! All of us had pre booked our seats months ago so I cannot imagine what the chances of that were - very strange!
Anyway, what a wonderful evening it turned out to be. Just being in the Grand is an experience to savour...

 ...I took this picture in the interval when the safety curtain was down, but you can see how ornate the interior is.The evening was full of traditional carols, including some sing along ones, as well as more contemporary festive music. The music was interspersed with banter from rev Bottoms who was as funny as any stand up comedian. 
Heather and I were fascinated by the three percussionists who were playing an array of drums, triangles, bells, cymbals etc and were very obviously enjoying what they were doing. At one point three band members plus "an audience member" asked the conductor if they could sing the next piece (all very "impromptu"!) and they performed a really memorable acapella version of "the Christmas song" (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire) which brought the house down.
What really finished the night perfectly was as we were coming down the staircase and heard singing in the foyer below - the four guys were entertaining everyone as they left. Heather and I decided to linger and listen to them and I asked if I could take a photo. They were laughing and saying they had a groupie! Heather did take one of me with them, but I'll show you the one without me in it as it's a much nicer one!
 They then said they'd sing one just for us and serenaded us with "the Irish Blessing" which brought a tear to our eyes. A very special end to our evening.
Well, it's late, so I'd better sign off for tonight. Thank you to everyone who has sent me a card or a message - they have been much appreciated and, again, apologies to those whose addresses I don't have (or have lost!). Take care everyone.

PS I forgot to mention that Heather and I were both texting each other at 5.15pm last evening to tell each other to watch Celebrity Pointless as our cousin was on one of the four teams! He's Simon Hickson who some of you may remember as one half of Trevor and Simon - from children's telly. We haven't seen him for years but it was fun watching and seeing how well (or not) they would do. He and Trevor got knocked out in the second round but they didn't disgrace themselves! 


Paul Browning - The Artsider said...

Wow!!! What a beautiful post :) Sorry to hear you've been feeling low. Completely understandable. The thought of house maintenance brings up my stress levels. I love the photo of Tara - doesn't she look so darn cute!!! And what a spectacular evening at the theatre. Sounds amazing. Especially to have four singers serenade you :) What a lovely gesture. And thank you ever so much for my card. It has pride of place on the fireplace mantel. I love it. Pxxxxxx

Joanne said...

So glad your evening was a brilliant one. I've carried my hug over to today and am about to open presents now. Watch for my blog post at 9.05am.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Glad you enjoyed your night out, looked the other day but couldn't control my phone! Hope everything is sorted now! Love your photos! See you soon! Chrisxx