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Sunday, 24 June 2012

My weekend

It's been a mixed few days here. Weather wise, the rain has been coming down sideways most of the time and the wind has been causing havoc with the larger shrubs in the garden as well as the tomatoes in the growbag, though I think I've rescued them.
Heather and I had seen a Vintage and Crafts fair advertised at the famous Winter Gardens theatre in Blackpool and decided it might be an interesting one to go to. The local Church also had an event on Saturday evening called "The Music of the Night" which was to be a concert of songs from the musicals by the Blackpool and Fylde Operatic company. So, my Saturday was all planned and a day to look forward to.
I hadn't been into the Winter Gardens since I was a teenager and it's been fully renovated and looks beautiful with its Victorian architecture and styling. I didn't buy much, just a very pretty Ivy leaf cup, saucer and side plate, but there were quite a few things that I would have purchased if money had been no object. I was especially taken with one stall that was filled with an array of fairies, mermaids, encrusted shells and mirrors, jewellery and much more. All created by a very talented lady called Wendy Moore - if you click her name you'll go straight to her website. I particularly liked the delicate fairies. I know that Heather will be sharing some photos of the fair in her blog if you want to check them out.
From there we carried on to TK Maxx where I bought a couple of very pretty mugs, a nice little tray and this lovely box....
.....it's a wide shoebox size with metal handles and corners and just what I needed to keep all the cards that David and I received in. There were so many beautiful cards as you can see.... .....so yesterday I placed them all in the box as well as the cards from all the flowers and the many letters that I've been sent since David's death. They will all be treasured. It did feel a bit strange taking the cards down, but I wanted to make sure everything was safely kept together. If you right click the picture and click "open link in new window" then you'll be able to see them in more detail.
I walked up to the Church through the park last night, getting a bit blown away and damp on the way. When I arrived, the Vicar was just explaining that the concert had been cancelled as they couldn't get enough of the singers together - probably the weather I expect. I was so disappointed as I'd been really looking forward to it, and must admit that I felt quite low all evening. However, tonight is the "Songs of Praise" service at the Church....not the telly version, but a service with lots of music, so I'm going to that and hoping it will cheer me up.
Meanwhile, the sun is out now and I've been working on some projects for next weekend at the Craft Barn. It feels very odd working on something creative again and my fingers are covered in Gesso and paint for the first time in almost two months.
I've learned that absolutely nothing can prepare you for the heartache of losing your soul mate. I am just taking moments at a time, rather than days, and trying to think about all the happy memories rather than the sad times that plagued us over the last weeks. I stood for an age the other evening, just watching the Swallows flying round and round the large tree in the corner of the field behind the house. They were whirling and diving past me so closely that I could hear the whoosh as they went by. Tara sat beside me, as entranced as I was by their aerobatics. That was a moment to savour amidst the sadness and the reason I bought this mug yesterday.
Just to remind me that, even in the depths of despair, nature has the capacity to lift our spirit even if just for a while.
Thomas is being a star and sleeps as close as he can get to me every night. I wake up to find him licking my cheek or purring into my ear and he waits outside the bathroom door when I go for my shower as if he's standing guard. Little trooper.
I think my Gesso will have dried now, so I'll get back to finishing this piece and then get ready for my walk up to the Church and some singing.


Redanne said...

Hello Lindsay, it is a beautiful box to keep all your lovely cards in and good that you are taking moments one at a time. How wonderful is your furry boy to keep close to you, animals can be such a great comfort and it's as if they know.......good too that you are getting messy again, look forward to seeing what your produce. Take care, Crafty hugs, Anne xx

Paul Browning - The Artsider said...

Sounds like you were kept busy yesterday. The box to put your cards and letters in, is a beautiful way to treasure them. Like you, I find that being out in nature, has a calming effect (I also find it helps with the ol' creativity too). I either sit and just stare out in it (haven't had swallows swoosh by me but have had bats do that last year) or by going for a stroll. Personally I love to be near moving water, whether it's a stream, a river or on a rare occasion, the sea. Take care & I look forward to hearing all about your Craft Barn visit. Sending love and hugs. Pxx

SusieJ said...

A truly beautiful box Lindsay.
Glad to hear you are crafting again and I think taking life one moment at a time is a good idea. And how wonderful of Thomas to keep such close company.
Sending hugs.xx

Andy Skinner said...

Thinking of you Lindsay x

Est xxx said...

Been thinking about you Lindsay xxx

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Gorgeous box my friend. HUGS. Its very hard but keep on tucking.

Clare said...

Hi Lindsay. So lovely to hear from you and good to hear that you are getting out and about and above all, crafting. You are being so brave hun and are the admiration of many people. A lovely idea with the box to keep your treasured memories of David in (so glad the card arrived safely). I have done the same for my Mum and keep lots of things that remind me of her as well as cards, letter's and bits that family and friends sent to help get us through the hard times. The box is beautiful and I love your mug. Animals are amazing creatures Lindsay and I do not always think that they are given enough credit. I suffer with chronic illness and my two cats know when I am having my bad days. They always shower me with love and affection and like Thomas, follow me everywhere. I look after wildlife, I currently have a 20 day old hedgehog that I am weaning after she was thrown onto a bonfire in what the people thought was an old nest (never bothering to check that there were babies in there). Just before they lit the fire they heard lots of squeaking and squealing and when they checked there were 4 baby hoglets in there. Unfortunately 3 babies died but this little miracle that I am looking after is getting stronger and bigger everyday. Amazing how something so small and helpless can touch your heart and make you think of life in such a different way, like the swallows. Hope that you didn't mind me telling you that but it makes you realise just how precious life is. Your David will be so proud of you Lindsay how you are coping. You are so right to take life moment by moment. Just take good care of yourself. Hope everything goes well at the Craft Barn next weekend. I was hoping to get down there but am relying on someone to take me. Won't know until late next week. If I do come I will come say hi!. Love and hugs to you and the cats, Clare xxx

Joanne said...

how does that saying go - it's the little things in life that make us big - You are finding your way through this maze and will come out at the other end a happier and stronger person. Hope to pop down in the week.
big hugs Joanne xx

Artyjen said...

It's lovely to hear the cats are looking after you....keep on enjoying those precious moments that happen in life.
xoxo Sioux