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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Christmas, Cats & Community Spirit!

Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone and a huge thank you for all the wonderful cards and gifts that I received, they were all very much appreciated...including the "e-cards"! I will get around to contacting everyone individually, but wanted to say thanks on here meanwhile. I hope that everyone had a lovely, peaceful Christmas and was able to enjoy the snow without too many problems!This was the view outside my mum and dad's house over Christmas - very unusual as they live near the coast at Poulton-Le-Fylde, so they don't get snow that often. It soon turned very icy which caused a few problems as my dad couldn't get his car up the slight incline on their road, so he wasn't able to get into the village to pick up the Christmas food supplies that he had ordered in! Here came the first festive good samaritan however, and a neighbour offered to go and collect the groceries for them. We travelled over on the day before Christmas Eve and, thankfully the motorways were pretty clear. It was dad's birthday on the 24th and he got a gift from my auntie which he, surprisingly, loved....his first ever flat cap! Here he is doing his Victor Meldrew impression a little too well.....what a scary picture! Mum hates the hat and said he had better not wear it when he is out with her - however, he has, quite rightly, ignored her comments and is wearing it at every opportunity! David had trouble getting our car up the side road that day as the snow had turned to glass like ice and consequently caused the car to slide and skid all over the place. My dad and I were pushing and I got an ice shower - most of which shot right down my boots - lovely! We got some old carpet pieces to shove under the wheels and then the neighbours came out to help with rubber mats and shovels - team work!
In the afternoon we went to my sister's for a birthday meal (thank goodness for taxis!) from the local Chinese takeaway, which has become something of a tradition in the last few years. Little Mia (Heather's new kitty) provided plenty of entertainment...this is her posing in a tissue box with her very own little glass of water beside her...cute or what?! Christmas day started a little later than normal this time as, instead of getting us up at 6.30am as he usually does, my dad actually "overslept" and I was the first one up at 8 o'clock! We always have a quiet day, opening gifts in the morning and then getting the Christmas meal ready for about 3pm. This year we had the extra company of Tara, mum and dad's new pussycat, so she kept us entertained with her antics! We had a large chicken, as opposed to turkey, this time, and I was doing all the cooking - I know.....scary thought! When I opened the oven to do the first basting, Tara came tearing into the kitchen before standing stock still whilst staring at the bird as if to say "Look at the size of that!". It was then that we discovered that she is a roast chicken junkie! Here she is in a close up that makes her feet look enormous! She is a little madam with the attutude of a rather snooty hotel guest who looks down on all the staff! She is also a bit of a biter, but is getting more used to being stroked although she still will not sit on anyone's lap and has yet to purr! As with all rescue pets though, who knows what has befallen them in their previous homes so patience is the key. Have to say that, after a week in her company, I am missing her now that I'm back home.

We had more of the community spirit during the week as other people got stuck in the ice and snow - it was lovely to see everyone helping each other and it definitely gave a more true feeling of Christmas than everyone staying in their own homes and keeping themselves to themselves. After it had all cleared up we had snow again overnight, so here we go again!
So, after a week off, I am now back home and I'll be getting back into work tomorrow with new designs to draw (would you believe I am designing Christmas things already....aaarrgh!) samples to make with new products and a workshop to prepare for next weekend. At least I am mainly working from home this week apart from a trip down to Suffolk, so will be staying cosy.
I've added my latest demonstration and workshop dates to the blog now, and will give more details about each nearer the time as well as updating with new ones. February is mainly taken up with the big trade show of the year which is always one of my favourite events and a chance to catch up with everyone.
Well, I shall sign off now and leave you with one or two more photos. Lindsay Mum posing with Mia on Christmas Eve.

"Where is my Christmas dinner?"

"Am I going to get any Christmas cards?"

And finally, I couldn't resist sharing this picture that was in the free newspaper today within a round up of local news stories from the past decade. This was the 2007 story of Trevor, the Turkey chick who had deformed feet and was unable to walk. A local animal veterinarian specialist hospital decided to help him out and made him some rather trendy shoes! Happily, he was able to manage very well wearing them and was then given a home for life by one of the hospital's business partners!

Good old Trevor.....one turkey who made it through Christmas!


Doodles said...

Happy New year to you ,
How adorable is that wee chick,

Oh how glad am i that i did not eat turkey this year.

I hope all your wishes for 2010 come true.

Believe it or not after my dreadful owl drawing i have invested in a book on how to draw anything and i am going to give it a bash. LOL IF I get brave enough too i will post the results, i hope i can find enough rubbers for all the mistakes i am going to make. You inspire me with your wonderful art work and i need a bigger house to hold all my rubber stamps thank goodness you are doing clear ones now *wink* hugs Sharon x

Joanne said...

Just love the 'kitty' pics. Glad Christmas was a cuddly family affair despite the ice and snow, so unusual for us here in the NW. See you Saturday. luv xxx

She said...

Happy New Year, Lindsay. Hope 2010 brings you all you wish for. Your post has really cheered me up! :-) Love the kitties and the chick photo is FAB! Hopefully be able to catch up with you soon. Love S xxx

Lynnda said...

Happy New Year Lindsay, we too are busy working towrads the trade show look forward to catching up with you there.