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I'm a freelance artist, designer and demonstrator and have been involved in arts and craft my whole life in one way or another. I design stamps for top British company Personal Impressions, under the "Lindsay Mason Designs" brand, as well as papers, templates and other crafting products. I'm a certified Ranger Educator and my first book,"Stamping", was published in 2009. I also design regular projects for Crafts Beautiful magazine and have made guest appearances from time to time on QVC. I've recently joined You Tube under the name of LindsayMason1000 where I'm posting short technique videos and you can buy my paintings and hand crafted pieces from my Etsy shop. My work takes me all around the country demonstrating stamping, papercrafts and general inkiness! When I'm not working, I love gardening, church & community activities, nature watching, journalling, music and theatre and just relaxing at home. Email me at: ljm.design1@virginmedia.com

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Painting progress

Thanks everyone, for the lovely emails that I received over the last couple of days. They were filled with warm wishes and I just want to assure you that I'm doing okay in general, getting on with everything and becoming involved with new things. The love that David and I shared runs through me like the words in a stick of rock, so, that will never change or wane. It's as much a part of me as the blood in my veins.
Yesterday was my time for contemplation and today was a fresh page of course. No gardening - it was cold and rainy here, although now the sun is blazing down again! I've been doing some more work on the painting that I showed you the start of a few posts ago....
....still a long way to go on this, but she is beginning to take shape now. I know exactly where this image is going, so it's just a case of getting the pictures in my head onto the canvas. One tricky aspect of working on a boxy canvas is working on the areas near the edges, so I find it helps to put something of a similar thickness on my table to rest my hand on. I've never liked working with an easel, even with large paintings. I prefer to work at a table, hunched over and close up!
Once this canvas is completed it will be going onto my Etsy site and I hope to have a few more items listed on there over the next few days.
Tomorrow I'll be spending the day with Heather and Graham and will pass on everyone's good wishes to them.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Thank you for all the good wishes that have been sent my way as I commemorate the first anniversary of losing David. It's so uplifting to know that people have been thinking about me today. Thank you also for the kind wishes that have been sent to us as a family and to Heather and Graham in particular.
I spent yesterday evening painting a small memorial slate which I placed beside David's rose in the garden this morning. I spent a few hours in the garden as it was beautifully sunny here. Planting and watching things growing has become a very precious thing to me, so it was a lovely way to spend the morning.
 This afternoon I opened my memory box with lots of special mementos inside as well as all the cards that we received when David was ill and after he passed away. I spent quite some time going through everything and remembering all the events that unfolded last year and this evening I lit candles in the garden and sat beside his resting place for a while.
 I've been remembering lots of wonderful things from our life together....funny things that made me smile, moments when we battled through things together, times when my "Superdave" came to my rescue on more than one occasion.....lots of memories.
I've also been considering all the ups and downs of the last twelve months, the roller coaster ride that has made me a much stronger, wiser person. I've discovered hidden strengths, taken on new roles, made new, supportive friends and also become much healthier and fitter. I think (I know) that David would approve of everything...and I also know that he is still with me, guiding me through it all - helping me to know when to follow a particular path or when to cut off something negative that would drag me down.
I've been listening to lots of music today, as well as "singing" some songs that were, are relevent to us. I thought I'd share this hymn which is one that we played at David's funeral as we were leaving the church. Then it was a choral piece, but I found this version today, by a singer I've never heard of, which I like because the beautiful words are really clear.
I hope you enjoy listening to it, it's a very contemplative and comforting hymn.
Thank you again for the good wishes that I've received - I'll pass on those for Heather and Graham of course.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Rallying round

Apologies to anyone who was booked onto my Masterclass at the Craft Barn Extravaganza event this coming weekend, or expected to see my demonstrations, but I have had to cancel my trip at the last minute. Thank you to Sandy for being so understanding.
My family has, once again, been struck by the awful disease of cancer, this time my brother in law Graham. Needless to say we are all feeling numb, especially given the fact that it's a year since we were going through the same thing with David, which makes it seem even more unreal. We feel we're being given more than our fair share of trials to be honest.
Of course, I need to be with my family, especially to give support to Heather. She was such a tower of strength to me throughout David's illness and now it's my turn to be strong for her
Tomorrow is, unbelievably, the first anniversary of David's death, and I'm just going to have a quiet day at home to contemplate and reflect on the life we shared and the last twelve months.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

My orange attire

The glorious sunshine has gradually turned into wind and rain again now, so I'm having a coffee break to warm up a bit...I nearly had to resort to turning the heat on again! What crazy weather.
I've just finished the orange Doo Lally sweatshirt that I was part way through yesterday.....
 .....this picture shows the colour better than yesterday's peachy effort. And here's a close up of the completed "Princess Tippy Toes" character....

 .....she looks a lot better with eyes! You can't really see the clear glitter paint too well here, but I also painted it over the deep pink hearts and some of the blue dots. It's a subtle glitter...not too glitzy. I now have the lilac sweatshirt to paint before the Craft Extravaganza weekend.
I'm all set now for my trip to Brigg for the demonstration at the garden centre there. It's quite a long journey with a few train changes and one bus replacement service en route - oh joy! I've not been to Brigg before, so it's always interesting to see a new place. Thank goodness that Thomas is eating properly again and seems to be really on the mend as it would have made things much more tricky for my neighbour who'll be looking after them while I'm away. No doubt there will be some sulking even so!
Tomorrow is the funeral of one of the three young soldiers who were killed in the explosion in Afghanistan in April. Fusilier Sam Flint-Broughton was from Poulton-Le-Fylde and the funeral is going to be at St Chad's (the church I attend). The residents of Poulton always show great respect when there's a funeral, as the church is right in the main square which is usually a hive of activity, but, tomorrow, all the local shops, including the supermarkets are closing for the afternoon and the service is going to be broadcast outside the church.
Well, that's a low note to finish this post on really, but I'll sign off and hope to see some of you on Saturday at the garden centre. Have a good weekend everyone.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mid breakfast post

Morning everyone, I'm just having my breakfast and first coffee of the day so am taking the chance to sign in and say hello. I've got a lot to get done before bed time tonight, so I was up and working very early to get ahead of myself. The tummy rumbles got rather distracting, reminding me to stop and fuel up before carrying on!
I'm finishing my second Doo Lally sweatshirt this morning before I crack on with the "up against a deadline" project. I took a snap of the work in progress a few minutes ago....
 .....she does look a little weird with the white eyeballs at the moment! I have to complete Princess Tippy Toes and then add all the little extra decorative motifs over the sleeves and front of the sweatshirt. It looks quite peachy here, but it's actually a rather snazzy day glo orange! I'll take a picture of the finished garment later. 
A quick update on my little (big) soldier now. He had a full sachet of cat food yesterday evening, followed by his tablet powdered into evaporated milk, which he lapped up very happily. Later he was following me round in the kitchen so I gave him another sachet of food which he also ate, followed by some cat biccies! What a relief to see him eating and enjoying his food! He sat under my bench in the Doo Lally room last night, laid his head on my foot and purred away happily...obviously feeling relieved of the throbbing pain he must have had in his mouth. Whatever was in the jab he had has really perked him up.This morning he ate his breakfast quite happily followed by his medication - even scraping up a few stray grains of the pink powder off the plate!
Well, I'm off back to the Doo Lally sweatshirt in the Doo Lally room now! Oh, I forgot to say...I have glitter So Soft fabric paint now as well, so I'm going to be adding some sparkly touches here and there. Talk about going over the top - day glo and glitter!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tablets for tabbies!

Just a quick post to let you know how Thomas got on at the vets this morning. He was very well behaved, going into the carry case with hardly any complaint and he sat in the back of the car with me with his paws through the grille of the box all the way there. He didn't complain at all and just looked a little puzzled!
He wasn't so sure about the smells and sounds once he got into the reception area, but he didn't make a fuss. Once in the surgery he had to be coaxed out but he let the vet look at his mouth and his teeth look pretty reasonable. I was hoping there'd be a black tooth ready for pulling out so he'd feel better very quickly!
However, the gums at the back corners of his mouth were very red and swollen and, going by his reaction, painful. The vet said that, as it was on both sides (more on one) it was most likely to be an infection so he's had a jab and is now on a course of antibiotics.
Of course, it's up to me to get the pills inside him! One and a half of them twice a day and, of course, I am going to be away for some of the ten days that he has to take them. We decided to give it a try as soon as we got back and I sat him on my lap with no great sense of optimism! No chance! His teeth may as well have been superglued together! He did a final Sabre Toothed Tiger impersonation and leaped off my knee.
Mmmmm, another tactic had to be worked out. So, the pills were ground onto a saucer and stirred into a little evaporated milk - success! He lapped up the milk and every bit of powder. Whew!
I realise that the rich evaporated milk is not good for him, but as a temporary measure to get the medicine into him it will  do the job. I couldn't very well ask my poor neighbour to risk life and limb (well...finger!) while I'm away, but this way it's do-able. Heather said she'd come and do it if needs be, but I think it'll be fine.
So, I'm really hoping that he is soon on the mend, though it may take a while to wean him back onto eating properly till he twigs that it doesn't hurt anymore!
Many thanks for all the good wishes and Thomas says "mmmmwwwwweeeayy mmmmeeeaaaaoowow" too!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Wish him luck...

Thomas that is. He's off to the vet's in the morning to see why he's moping about and off his food. I've got fingers and toes crossed that he's got a rotten tooth, so he can be sorted out and feel better quite quickly. I'm just hoping that it's nothing more serious, or even "just" a psychological thing. I know he doesn't like it when I have to be away from home - my neighbour popping in to look after them just doesn't cut it for Thomas! Anyway, I will let you know how we get on.
It was a very noisy afternoon here....I did take a video to share with you, but, unfortunately, it was only after the fact that I realised I hadn't charged my camera and it had stopped filming after a couple of seconds! The noise was coming from a Jet fighter that was roaring around the skies and kept coming in quite low so I got some great views of it - and some great shots if I had charge the camera of course!
Tara was very unnerved by it all and kept scuttling under the furniture, but Thomas took it all in his stride...
 ....as you can see! He does look so mopey though, bless him.
I've been hearing the pheasant in the fields a lot lately, but my neighbour and I both said we hadn't seen him very much. This afternoon though, and after charging my camera (thankfully) I looked up from the table in my Doo Lally room and saw him slowly walking down the middle of the road! I went to get the camera and when I came back I saw he'd gone into the garden of the house across the road where he'd met up with his lady friend.....
 ....hopefully you can make her out - she's the small, dull brown one! They spent some time scratching and pecking about before they both took off back to the field with several very harsh screeches! I do see some interesting things around here!
All of which slightly distracted me from my work, but I took this snap of one of my cards before the light started to fade too much.
It's just a simple collage style to show some of the stamps that I'm using on next Saturday's demonstration at Brigg garden centre...well they had to have some gardening stamps didn't they?! These are Crafty Impressions ones and I've used one of my favourite colour combinations of the moment - Spiced Marmalade and Evergreen Bough/Peacock Feathers. Well, it makes a change from my usual purple and blues! 
I got yesterday's project done and it's all parcelled up for posting tomorrow - hooray! Another thing to tick off my list.
Well, I'd better get ready for bed now. Tara is keeping me company on the sofa - she's washing herself and doing that thing that makes me laugh where she doesn't seem to know where she stops and I start as she keeps washing me too! Thomas is outside but he'll be ready to come in now and will be purring away happily beside me all night. Heather is coming round in the morning to drive us up to the vet's - I'm guessing that Tara will be thrilled to see Thomas going off in the carry case...."at last, he's leaving, hoorah!"!!!
Right, time for bed and I'll be sure to pop back on here tomorrow to let you know how he gets on.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Coffee post!

It's a coffee post because it's a quickie while I have my coffee while waiting for some paints to dry before I can progress with today's work. I usually like to get into the garden on Sunday afternoons, weather permitting, but today I'm up against another deadline, so I'm trying to ignore the tempting sunshine outside! Thomas and Tara are both enjoying the balmy afternoon, so I'm a little fed up that I can't join them...
 .....there's Tara, trotting over to one of her shady hidey holes. My poor lawn has been really neglected - still no lawnmower and the grass got really long. The gardener, who visits one of my neighbours, gave it a haircut this week but he cut it very short so it's gone into shock! It looks very pale and patchy but I'm assured it will come back to green loveliness quite quickly, especially after I've fed it with some lawn food.
Thomas is just sprawling about, having a bit of a warm up.
 He's not too well at the moment and he's going to be going to the vet's next week. He's been mopey and off his food and I've decided that he's got a toothache or an abcess or something. I need my little soldier back to his full, fighting self! I'll keep you posted as to how he gets on.
This morning I was sworn in as a sidesperson at church. This is separate to the deputy Verger duties, and is a general meet and greet, help with the collection, gather up service sheets after the service etc. There are nineteen of us at the moment and I'm number thirteen (for the rota sheets) which I'm hoping is not significant! I'm really grateful to have been welcomed so wholeheartedly at the church and when I walk into the village to do my shopping I can guarantee that I'll see somebody I know and there'll be a few friendly smiles and waves....so different from living in Manchester!
Yesterday I was at Samuel Taylor's in Brighouse again. I was teaching a Steampunk themed workshop in the morning which was great fun. Some of the ladies said they were not sure about the whole Steampunk thing and whether it was really their "thing", but, by the end of the morning everyone said how much they'd enjoyed it and I think we had some conversions! I won't show the cards we made just yet, as I'm doing a repeat of the class in the Leeds store in a few weeks. 
In the afternoon I was demonstrating alcohol inks, Steampunk stamps etc and I was asked by Dawn and her mum (I hope I've got your name right Dawn!) if I can please mention where I'm going to be in my blog posts and not just in my sidebar. I'd never thought about the fact that some people subscribe to my posts rather than visiting the blog, so they don't see the diary dates....duh! So, I shall endeavour to make more mention of demos etc in the posts.
Next Saturday I'll be at Brigg garden centre which is in the Scunthorpe, Barnetby area. I haven't visited this store before but I'm told that the craft area is excellent, so I'm looking forward to my visit. I'll be using my Doo Lally Pip stamps as well as some general Crafty Impressions (the new name for Personal Impressions clear stamp range) sets. I'll be using the full gamut of Distressy things....paints, inks, Dylusions sprays etc - of course! Maybe one day I'll be travelling home on the train without my hands being every shade of blue, green, purple....but I doubt it!
 Well, I'm sure that paint must be dry by now, so I'd better press on. Before I go, here's a sneaky peep at something else that I'm working on.....
 ......it's a canvas that I'm creating for my Etsy shop. It began with gesso, and I scratched the heart into the top left once it was just tacky. Once dry I did my "cloud watching" technique and contemplated what I could "see" in the surface textures. The face just started to emerge and now I pretty much know where this piece is going. A lot of work to do on it yet and it will look quite different by the time it's finished! I added a few more items to my shop last week, so I'm getting there, slowly but surely!
Right, coffee drunk, paint dry, so I'm off back to the Doo Lally room.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Quick link

Just a very quick morning post as the Doo Lally workroom awaits! I had a lovely today from Christina at A Maze of Memories. I was down there a few weeks ago for a demonstration and Make n Take event and Christina sent me this link to share some of the fabulous creations that the ladies have made since my visit.
They're great -  do check them out!
Right, I'm buckling down to work for the day now. Oh yes, my "missing" parcel is due to be delivered today - fingers crossed! Talk about being down to the wire!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Kindness and patience

Many thanks for all the lovely messages after so many of my samples got pinched at the weekend. I've had stores, where I've previously demonstrated, offering to return samples that I left for them as well as people asking if they can help me to make new ones. All very much appreciated and it does emphasise the fact that the good people really are still very much the majority, even though it doesn't always seem like it. 
I'm back on track now, more or less (!), working through my check list of things to get done. I'm waiting for a parcel to arrive which is stopping me from getting on with one project...it's floating around somewhere in the UK but, at the moment, nobody can tell me where! Trying to actually speak to a real person at Royal Mail is, apparently, asking too much and the local sorting office just refuse to answer their phone. Oh well, just have to play the waiting game and hope it arrives soon before my deadline runs out.
I did, however, receive two rather nice parcels this week as you can see....

 ........one package contained bottles of Deco Art So Soft fabric paints as well as the strip of little pots of the paints. Below those are Metallic Distress Paints and the new colours of Dylusions ink sprays that came in parcel number two. The eagle eyed of you may spot that one of the Metallic paints is actually "plain" ol Vintage Photo - I put the wrong bottle there when I lined them up to snap them!). 
The new Dylusions colours are very lovely indeed and I've been (im)patiently waiting for them for a while now! I spritzed them onto white card just to quickly show the colours. As one is white, I sprayed that over a couple of the colours to show the effect - it kept morphing into different patterns and shades as I watched.
Of course, my photo won't do justice to the true colours but they are, clockwise from the top....Funky Fuchsia, After Midnight, Cherry Pie, Dirty Martini and Calypso Teal. You can see the effect of the White Linen over areas of the Midnight & Cherry colours.
These are definitely going to be used today on some tag backgrounds! I'll be using them at both Brigg garden centre, near Scunthorpe, on the 25th May and at my demos at the Craft Barn Extravaganza over 31st May-2nd June. Meanwhile, I'd highly recommend getting your mitts on them!
Oh, I forgot to say that the So Soft paints are for painting two more sweatshirts with my Doo Lally Pip designs. I've washed the pink sweatshirt that you've seen on here (or at my demos) and am very pleased to report that the designs looks exactly the same. I was going to hand wash it but decided to give it a real road test and it went into the washing machine with some other items (including furry slippers, so they would have given it a bit of a pounding!) on a quick wash. I did wash it inside out as a slight precaution, but I'm really impressed with the paints - no cracking, no flaking, no fading! Brilliant stuff! 
I did start my orange sweatshirt today but after I'd painted the "Doo Lally Pip" words I realised that I hadn't pre washed the garment - what a twit! So, I'm letting it dry for 48 hours then I'll wash it and repaint the words if the design has come off. I suspect it may well still wash okay, but I'm not going to risk painting the entire design. I'll let you see the results in a few days of course!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Port Sunlight

What a dolly mixture kind of a weekend it's been! It's been glorious sunshine here one minute, then really chilly, then raining and there were even hailstones on the way home yesterday. I set off at 6.45am for my trip to Port Sunlight and the Happy Stampers show and my first train change was at Wigan, where there were hundreds of footie fans (good natured ones!) waiting for the train down to London where their team were playing in the cup final. Standing room only so I was glad that I was only on board until Warrington!
After a couple more trains I reached Port Sunlight and walked down to Hulme Hall where I was shown to my lovely big demonstration table and then brought a coffee and a bacon butty - talk about being looked after! I'd not long got set up when I heard my name being called and looked up to see Sheila, Kath and Elaine......
 ......all of whom I haven't seen for about eighteen months or more. That's my table to the right of the picture - sorry it's a view from the back, not the front! Hello's too to the lovely Jacqui, Christine and Chris, who I didn't manage to get snaps of, and the "two sisters" (they're actually mum and daughter, but David always called them the two sisters!) Melanie and Joanne who I did......
....posing with one of my "journal pages". I was given a gorgeous tag and ATC by Sheila and Chris respectively...thank you both.
It was a really busy day at the show...one of the best organised in my opinion. There were lots of great stands, although, as usual, I didn't get the chance for more than a barely cursory glance. Great to spend time amongst real stamping fans who crowded Hulme Hall all day and I was really gratified to hear all the lovely feedback for my Doo Lally Pips! (oh, that sounded a bit rude didn't it?!) I was also very touched by all the good wishes and positive comments on my decision to take up the invitation to become deputy Verger at St Chads.
There was only one negative thing about the day and that was that, on returning from my quick sandwich break, I found that someone, or someones, had taken all the tags that I had placed at the front of my table, plus one or two off the display stand, a small canvas and two of my Distress ink pads. Karen, from the Happy Stampers (who organise the show) had asked if I wanted someone to sit at my table when I went for lunch, but, not suspecting there may be such rotten people in the room, I said it would be okay. Karen kept apologising to me, but it was no reflection on the organisers....just down to bad human nature I'm afraid.
It made me really furious though (as well as the customers who were there when I realised what had happened) especially as I'm really up against it for the next three weeks getting enough samples made for demos and workshops etc. I really don't know why anyone thinks it is okay to just take things that someone has spent time creating, but then, there's a lot I don't understand about human nature. Thankfully, 99% of the people I meet wouldn't dream of doing such a thing and I'm not going to let it spoil an otherwise lovely day. So there!
After the show finished I did my usual speed packing and was off to the station to catch the first of my four trains home. Unfortunately I took some bad advice from a couple of the rail staff and decided to take a slightly different route than the one I had planned and went to Liverpool Lime Street having been assured that there was bound to be a direct train that would get me home earlier. I should have known better really and it turned out that I couldn't get a direct train and my ETA would be almost an hour later than if I'd stuck to my plan! Add to that, the signals went pop not long after leaving Liverpool which resulted in a stop start journey as the driver had to get permission to continue safely at a snail's pace....oh well....the best laid plans and all that!
I decided that, being back so much later than I'd planned, I would be a bit naughty and I picked up a beef curry from the Chinese takeaway on the walk home from the station.I got back, fed my two sulky feline friends, put my jim jams on and opened the bottle of lager that I'd discovered in the back of a cupboard a few days before. Well, I very rarely have anything stronger than soda water, so I didn't feel too naughty. It nearly knocked me sideways though and I slept pretty well!
Good thing I set my alarm this morning as neither Thomas nor Tara woke me up - they must have thought I needed my bed! I walked up to church and, after the service, there was a "pasta & pizza" lunch in the church hall to which all the parishioners were invited. Very nice too, with lasagne, various salads, etc all made by the Curate's husband! There was wine too, but after the way the lager knocked me out last night I thought I'd better decline!
So, I was quite late home from the village and I got back feeling pretty cold and wet as the heavens opened again just as I was walking through the park. I was dismayed to see that lots of the colourful tulips had been snapped off and discarded along the paths - even in this quiet place there are idiots who just can't help being destructive I'm afraid. It's even more annoying when they don't take the flowers but just cast them aside. Gggrrrr!!!
Well, I'd better make a move I guess. I've a busy time ahead and even more to do now that someone thought it was okay to take my samples. This coming Saturday I'll be at Samuel Taylors in Brighouse again. I'll be taking a Steampunk themed workshop in the morning and then demonstrating in the afternoon. I do know that there are still some spaces left on the workshop, so if you fancy joining in the fun, just contact the shop and they will give you all the details. Looking forward to seeing some of the Port Sunlight ladies on Saturday afternoon though - and I'll remember to bring my "Hope Blooms" stamp set as promised!
Right, bed time now, so I'll say goodnight.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

On the verge of new things

I'm just taking a quick lunch break from the Doo Lally room, so I thought I'd take the chance to post before I get back to my work table.
I'm all set for Saturday at The Happy Stamper's show in Port Sunlight. Really looking forward to it as it really is a "happy" show and I know I'll be seeing lots of familiar faces including a few that I haven't seen for a while - you know who you are! 
Meanwhile, just like the buses, everything comes along at once and I have a list of things to get done by increasingly looming deadlines...magazine articles, workshops to prep and samples for demonstrations to be made. It's usually made more stressful due to having to wait for new products to be sent to me in time! So, my little lunch break is most welcome...a hot turkey and stuffing sandwich...yummy!
I'm adding more things to my Etsy shop slowly but surely....I'm aiming for a varied range of items, styles and prices and it's given me a nice "kick up the bum"! Almost all of my creativity is channelled into work of course, so I like the idea of sitting down to make something for my own "shop". Here's a peep at a couple of the latest things I've added....
 ......there's a grumpy Goldfinch and below is a cheeky Red Squirrel.......
 .......just click on the link to see them in their entirety. Oh and this is another piece that I added a couple of days ago....
 .....some of you may have seen this one on the Darkroom Door blog as it's one of the projects that I made when I was their guest designer a few months ago.
In non work related goings on, I was very honoured (and humbled) a few weeks ago to be asked if I would consider becoming the deputy Verger at church. As I'm one of the newer members of the congregation I did wonder if the Verger was having a joke with me, but he wasn't. So, after some careful consideration and talking it over with my sister, I decided that this could be an interesting new venture. I'm lucky in that my work is not a structured nine to five routine, so I'm able to shuffle things round as needed. As Heather said, it's the things we don't do in life that we regret, rather than the things we do. I will only have to stand in occasionally and it will mostly be preparing the church and welcoming people at weddings and funerals. Something completely different from my job that's for sure! Heather has made several references to the Vicar of Dibley already!
I'll sign off with a picture I took at the weekend of a couple of the (many!) Sweet Peas and Sunflowers that I've been busy transplanting into the garden. They were some of the ones that I planted into loo roll tubes - the idea being that you can plant the whole thing without disturbing the roots as the cardboard just rots down in the soil. When I looked at them though, I was rather astonished to see.......
 ......well, you can hopefully see the "flowers" that have printed themselves on the loo rolls! I'm not absolutely sure how this happened, but there were a few small fungi that sprouted in the potting compost that I used and I think it may be to do with those. I was almost tempted to keep the rolls, flatten them out and use them on a canvas! 
Right, sandwich chomped, coffee slurped and half a dozen grapes consumed, so I'd better get back to the Doo Lally room again. Oh yes, if you happen to be a Radio Times reader you will find a letter from me in the Feedback section of this week's issue!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Keeping my mind occupied with a new venture

Hello folks, I know it's been another week gone (flown) by, so it's definitely time for a catch up.
Last Saturday I was at Card-io in Pemberton where a great deal of fun was had by all I think! I was wearing my new Doo Lally sweatshirt of course...
 ...which seemed to go down well with everyone! It's always good to be at Card-io as I get to see lots of friendly faces and this timwas no exception, catching up with some old friends that I haven't seen in a while. Jacqui kindly brought me a beautiful scarf and a handmade notebook from her trip to India - how spoiled am I? I do love a blank book, so am still deciding what to fill those inviting pages with. 
I'll be seeing quite a few of Saturday's ladies again next weekend as I'll be at the Happy Stampers show in Port Sunlight on 11th May. I do know that tickets have sold out for this show, so hope all of you that wanted to go have managed to get your hands on them. It's going to be a busy day there!
Yesterday my friend Paul came over to visit me which was a treat. We spent the day wandering, nattering and catching up. Sadly, the beautiful weather of the previous day didn't materialise, so my plans for us to sit out in the garden to eat our sandwiches had to be shelved - I was looking forward to some company to share my bench with too!
Today has been a rare Saturday at home but I've been busying myself with a few things. Apart from getting on with putting together my workshop samples (which I can't share yet of course!) I've finally got my act together and opened an Etsy shop. I will happily admit that Paul helped me over the last hurdles yesterday as he is a bit of a whizz with all this technical stuff (!), though it turned out not to be anywhere near as tricky as I'd thought. Anyway, you can take a look at my efforts if you click on the Etsy shop link in my left hand sidebar. 
I've only put a few things up so far, but I will be adding more things on a regular basis, so do let me know what you think! I'm aiming for an "eclectic mix" and you never know, I may even put some Doo Lally Tee shirts on there!
Some of you may know that I was a wildlife artist in a "previous life" so there are a few of my paintings in my shop too....which has the very original name of "Lindsay Mason Designs"! 
It's a pretty tough time at the moment, with the anniversary of so many sad and frightening moments to go through. Today's been particularly hard and I've had a knot in my stomach since I woke up - hence me keeping myself occupied with the Etsy shop. David was really keen for me to get it started so it felt right to make the effort and finally do it.
Well, after all this time in front of the lap top I think I had better get myself some sustenance. I haven't eaten a thing all day, so I really need to make the effort and raid the fridge. The kettle and coffee jar will be the first ports of call though!